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Chris M Sutcliffe

Freelance media/tech/digital culture reporter

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a freelance media and technology reporter with bylines in the Guardian, The Drum, Digital Content Next, WAN-IFRA, TheMediaBriefing, The Memo, and many more. I also wrote about the culture and business of media in a weekly column for The New European in 2018. Additionally, I have written on digital culture and entertainment for GamesRadar and Kotaku.

I have also been a researcher and consultant for media organisations including WAN-IFRA, for whom I have written reports on advertising and helped put together the agenda for their Digital Media Europe conference.

I am the producer and host of the Media Voices podcast, having founded it while at TheMediaBriefing and negotiated the rights to continue it following that site's closure. Our 100th episode was broadcast on May 2nd, 2019.

Media Voices Podcast
How PinkNews went from side hustle to LGBTQ+ social phenomenon

You don't have to search hard to find a reason to cheer PinkNews' success. Its campaigning journalism, born out of the campaign for marriage equality, has demonstrably helped LGBTQ+ people in the UK in the fight for representation. Its editorial and ...

Digital Content Next
In a crowded streaming market, content alone will not ensure survival

The cord-cutter's dream of paying less for entertainment content is already on the rocks. Early analyst warnings about the reality of subscription saturation have filtered through to the mainstream, with a Mashable article titled ' There are officially too many damn video streaming services' reaching the front page of reddit.

The Drum
The case for digital reinvention: chief marketers on how tech is driving change

Whatever the sector, the rate of digital transformation is accelerating. Despite their resources, legacy organisations have a harder time keeping pace with transformation than start-ups due to a variety of reasons including the inertia of changing internal culture, difficulty in getting buy-in for new technology from senior leaders, or misunderstanding the needs of ever more connected consumers.

#DME19: Reinventing local news with Lokalportal and Russmedia

For many news publishers in the West, monetising local audiences is a huge challenge. Few newspapers outside the Nordic countries have a local audience that is willing to pay to support the publisher, because of a variety of factors including cutbacks in local news provision and monetisation strategies that have favoured ad revenue and reach.

Media Voices Podcast
Paywall Special - Media Voices Podcast

In this bumper episode, the team discusses the rise of the paywall. As everyone from Vanity Fair to the New Statesman have decided to launch paywalls, we try to determine whether there is a recipe for paywall success, taking in everything from the need for brand recognition, the propensity for people to pay, and the likely outcomes of the trend towards reader revenue.

Advertising Association
Getting Young People into Advertising - Advertising Association

Advertising needs young people. The need to sell on behalf of brands with understanding and authenticity is paramount, and ad history is littered with examples of brands assuming they can reach young audiences and getting it badly wrong. Beyond that, advertising is an industry that requires regular injections of young blood to stay vital, relevant ...

What's New In Publishing
Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and the future of Interactive Video

With the huge amounts of investment into digital video over the past few years, from all corners of the media industry, the question on everyone’s lips is “what is the future of interactive video?” We’ve seen everything from the famous stunts of people watching puddles and watermelons to the rapid rise and disappearance of circular video on Snapchat. But the real future of the medium is likely to be something that has been quietly growing for the past few years, and to which huge brands and...

The New European
Online 'echo-chambers' are an effect of hate, not a cause

There used to be an easy way to tell if legacy news publishers were talking positively or negatively about the internet. If they prefaced it with "online-", it was good - online banking, for instance. But if it was preceded by "cyber", it was bad, and to be feared.

the Guardian
TfL spends £600,000 advertising night tube - despite it having no launch date

Transport for London has spent more than £600,000 advertising the night tube, despite the service still having no set launch date. As of 13 January, the combined production and distribution cost of advertising the night tube was £608,214, of which £461,045 was spent on placing ads across different channels.

Kotaku UK
The Upcoming War for Esports Broadcast Rights

Esports' time has come. The combination of high-profile events like the Overwatch League and the increased professionalism of annual events like EVO has meant mainstream brands are throwing money at the industry.

How to watch eSports in the UK: From TV to Twitch and live events

eSports fans are good at picking favourites. They have their favourite teams, their favourite tournament moments and their favourite players. Chances are, if you're an eSports fan, you'll want to pick your favourite way of watching games, too. From huge streaming platforms to intimate real-world arenas, there's a variety of ways in which audiences can experience eSports in the UK.

The best board games for 2 players

Don't let a lack of participants/victims stop you from enjoying games night; the best board games for 2 players provide the same experience but on a smaller, more intimate scale. These are perfect for nights in, days out, or lazy Sunday afternoons under the sun. We've listed our favorites below.

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