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I'm a freelance writer based in South Florida. I write about technology for Trusted Reviews and sports for the Guardian. I also write for, The Liverpool Way,, and UncleSamSports. I have been featured in FourFourTwo, The Observer, Empire Online, Digital Spy, TechRadar, and as a columnist for T3 Magazine. I have authored 10 books on how to use technology for Flametree Publishing.

the Guardian
David Beckham's MLS team finally kicks off, but will Miami care?

Two-thousand, two-hundred and sixteen days after David Beckham arrived in Miami promising to establish a Major League Soccer team, there will finally be football. Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami - or Inter Miami - will play their first competitive game on Sunday, following six years of excruciating (and ongoing) wrangling over stadium sites, investment capital, and pleas to MLS bosses not to pull the plug on the entire project.

Best American beer you can buy in the UK

Gone are the days when Brits could poke fun at Americans for their Bud Light-supping ways. Today, the US craft beer scene is so strong it has become hugely influential to British brewers, which are rushing to replicate the New England and West Coast-style IPAs, themselves a modern take on a historic British style.

The future of live translation hearables: What needs to happen next

Over the last few years we have been repeatedly teased about the prospect of hearables that can break down language barriers in discreet and elegant ways. Google's Pixel Buds, Waverly Labs' Pilot and former major hearable player Bragi all brought live translation powers in their own different ways.

the Guardian
MLS failed in Miami before. Will David Beckham's team be any different?

The Miami Fusion flickered and died at the start of the century. But the league - and soccer in the US - is in a very different place these days During the darkest hours of his four-year quest to bring a Major League Soccer team to Miami, which was finally approved on Monday, David Beckham may have taken heart from studying parallels with the region's history.

Curiosity Magazine
In the Florida Keys, Recovery Mode Is the New Normal - Curiosity Magazine

Life in the Florida Keys is a little different from the mainland. Its residents will be the first to tell you. This rustic chain of islands stretching 113 miles from Florida City to Key West enjoys an intangible vibe that has enchanted everyone from Ernest Hemingway to Harry Truman.

Digital Spy
6 Coen Brothers characters who deserve a spin-off

The Coen Brothers' first Netflix original movie, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs , is finally on streaming services now. For the series, cinema's greatest siblings (sorry Ben and Casey) have returned to the Wild West, bringing a familiar face along for the ride.

the Guardian
How the Heat got hot: the secrets to Miami's incredible turnaround

"We just wanted our games to matter," said Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra before last week's thrashing of the Toronto Raptors, which earned his team a 21st victory in 25 games. "Ultimately you want your games to be significant. Whether you win or lose you want to feel that emotion."

the Guardian
Brandon Marshall interview: athletes struggle to identify with mental illness

Since he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2010, the New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall's image has been transformed. Once as recognised for his troublesome behaviour as his outstanding talent, he has become one of the most important and proactive mental health advocates in the United States.

Digital Spy
Inside ESPN: The tech behind a live NBA broadcast

ESPN is, in theory, ready to pull the trigger on 4K live sports. It can capture and output at the Ultra HD resolution with ease. Now the company just has to wait for the rest of the industry to catch up.

Beckham faces huge task winning over Miami - but he's making a good start

He conquered football with Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy, but now Becks is up against something completely new in a bid to fulfill his American dream, writes Chris Smith... During his first scouting mission last May, David Beckham sat courtside for the Miami Heat's crucial Game 7 NBA play-off battle with the Indiana Pacers.

Miami Heat Beat
Homegrown Heat: Why This Season Is An Acid Test of Heat Culture's Credence

By: Chris Smith Despite a disappointing loss on opening night in Orlando, Chris Smith sees plenty of reasons to be excited about this homegrown Miami Heat roster. It may be somewhat of a happy accident, but the Miami Heat 2018-19 roster is a product of what we've affectionately come to know as 'Heat Culture.'

Here's the Latest Rumor About the Next iPhone

Unless you've been ignoring tech news for the last year or so, you're probably aware of rumors Apple plans to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack when the iPhone 7 launches later this year. All that has raised speculation about how Apple could handle the transition when it comes to the bundled in EarPods.

Empire Online
I'm A Lebowski, You're A Lebowski

“Alright! Way-to-go Donny!” screams one of 13 bulky Walter impersonators currently vying for the best costume prize at the Lebowski-fest in Tampa, Florida. After a pin-crushing strike, I send the obligatory riposte his way: “I’m throwing rocks tonight.” Naturally, he barks back with “Shut the f**k up, Donny,” but it’s an endorsement. He likes my costume as well as my bowling.

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