Chris Gilbert, Ed.D.

Instructional Designer and Content Writer

United States

Hello! I am a skilled instructional designer with 10+ years of experience crafting curricular materials and designing educational experiences for a range of learners including high school students, undergraduates, and adult learners. As a secondary school educator and college instructor, I learned to develop lessons, activities, and curricular content aligned with active learning principles and delivered via eLearning platforms. I continue to promote student-centered learning through my work as a curriculum designer at Sora Schools, an innovative, online school.

I am also a skilled writer who has crafted content for a range of audiences. Through publishing academic journal articles, curriculum guides for Patagonia and Penguin Random House, book chapters, blog posts, and opinion pieces, I have learned to plan, research, and produce compelling content that informs, persuades, and moves audiences to action.

If you think my skills could benefit you, or you wish to see a full list of my publications, please contact me at [email protected].


Curriculum Guides and Courses for Adult Learners, Undergraduates, and High School Students

Articulate Rise 360
Sora Employee Learning Experience

This is a course I created for employees at Sora Schools to address a school-wide knowledge gap. Designed using Rise 360, the course includes text (much of which I wrote), videos, interactive content, and more. I also designed and facilitated a number of synchronous learning sessions for the entire school based on this content.

Penguin Random House
Teacher's Guide for Mondiant Dogon's Those We Throw Away Are Diamonds

This guide was written to support instruction at the high school level. This powerful memoir presents multiple opportunities for students in ELA and history classrooms to learn more about the Rwandan genocide and the many challenges facing refugees. I crafted discussion questions, classroom activities, and research topics to support classroom instruction focused on this book.

Penguin Random House
First-Year and Common Reading Guide for Chanel Miller's Know My Name

This guide was written to support first-year and common reading programs at colleges across the United States. It features discussion questions, research topics, classroom activities, and service-learning projects aligned with Chanel Miller's moving memoir, a text centered on her sexual assault, the resulting trauma, and her healing process. Since 2014, I have written many of these guides for various books published by Penguin Random House.

Teacher's Guide for Kristin Ohlson's Sweet in Tooth and Claw

This document offers a number of ideas to support classroom instruction centered on this wonderful text. To create the guide, I first read and researched the book with a focus on identifying themes. Next, I created discussion questions, research topics, and learning experiences for a range of learners.

Op-Eds, Blog Posts, and Copy

Kappa Delta Pi Blog
Teachers as Activists

I wrote this blog post to promote an article of mine published by Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education. This blog post showcases my ability to write clearly and concisely for an online audience. I particularly enjoy this sort of writing, as it forces me to focus my message while ensuring that my language is crystal clear throughout.

Website Copy for Patagonia

I read and analyzed Life Lived Wild, a recent book published by Patagonia, to produce a series of thematic questions the company used to promote it.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Kappa Delta Pi Record
Making the Invisible Visible: Professional Development to Support Teacher Activism

This article resulted from my dissertation research with a group of teacher activists. It displays my ability to write in a narrative style while also integrating references to scholarly literature. This piece appeared in a peer-reviewed journal published by Kappa Delta Pi, and it is one of many academic articles I have written.