Chris Bovine

Freelance Copywriter

Location icon United States

Copywriter/Marketing Consultant with B2B, B2C, third party, Web, and direct copywriting experience.

Extensive portfolio of writing, marketing, and advertising samples—ads, brochures, letters, Power Point presentations, strategy statements, newsletters, Website/social media content, and white papers.

Capabilities & Experience:
► End-to-end writing/editorial solutions & services; interactive/general/direct creative development; content strategy; brand/website/collateral development; research
► 20+ years marketing, advertising & communications experience
► 18+ years creating copy for top-tier financial services, insurance, and publishing firms

Creative Solutions & Services:
✔ Copywriting/Editing:
--Short-Form Copy
--Long-Form Copy
--Internal/External Communications
--New Product Launches
✔ Concept/Content Development
✔ Promotional Marketing & Advertising

Please click on the titles beneath the thumbnails below to view the PDFs.
For additional print samples or to discuss writing opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest...

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