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I like to print out people's work, scribble on it, and then make it the best it can possibly be.

Chloe Ivy Rose
I Edited a Book!

This comes a day after its release, but bear with me. Since being at uni, the one thing I've really wanted to do with my life other than poetry, is to be an editor. I loved workshopping other people's work, giving critique - hell, the morning my dissertation was due I edited a friend's entire...

Chloe Ivy Rose
International Men's Day

When International Women's Day comes around, you see a lot of men cry out "but what about International Men's Day?" It's in the same vein as questions like "but what about straight pride?" It does nothing but make us roll our eyes, and want to punch ourselves in the face.

Chloe Ivy Rose
Reducing Plastic Waste: Menstrual Products

We've all seen the good old plastic straw debate. We now pay 5-10p per plastic bag we get from supermarkets. Coffee shop chains are cutting down on plastic stirrers. But why is no one talking about other ways of reducing plastic use? There is as much as four plastic bags-worth of plastic in one sanitary...

Chloe Ivy Rose
"To All The Boys..." Has Made Me Think About My Time At High School

(Or secondary school, as I'd say it.) Is it too soon to say I'm sick of seeing all of these perfect high school lives in the YA films Netflix is churning out? Perfect lighting, perfect hair, perfect best friend, perfect bullies. Yep, even the bullies - like Gen, with her wonderfully innocent insults about Lara...

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