Cheryl Scaparrotta

Journalist / Senior Writer/Editor, Employee Engagement

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Calm, creative, deadline-oriented content strategist and journalist with 20+ years reporting and corporate communications experience. Specialize in storytelling, whether it's in support of the business mission or educating and inspiring change through reportage.

Skilled at translating complex technology, science, and talent and culture HR programs into clear, accurate communications to convey brand and value, and sustain corporate reputation, via digital and traditional channels.


Corporate Employee Engagement

The MITRE Corporation
MITRE Sponsors Women's Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

So many of us take Wikipedia for granted, It's just, well, there, right? Ever focused on service, MITRE staff set out to do more than consume its bounty. We became volunteer editors, focusing on the contributions of women in STEM. Learning, doing, contributing-good stuff.-Editor.

The MITRE Corporation
Overcoming Hurdles and History to Bring Technical Talent to MITRE

Long Le's foresight, determination, and hard work have taken him far-not only in his professional career, but in life as a whole. Le is a network, communications, and software systems engineer, and a former helicopter pilot in the South Vietnamese Air Force. Today, he's at MITRE, located at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina.

The MITRE Corporation
Valuing Diversity

"It's a priority at MITRE to leverage diversity throughout our workforce. Our rich mosaic of diversity in all dimensions-demographic, cultural, cognitive, and occupational-underscores MITRE's unwavering commitment that every employee feel welcomed, engaged, and supported. We believe our inclusive workforce helps MITRE realize its fullest potential."

Published Articles

MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA
Weston woman films documentary about Rohingya massacre

With turbulence in the world from Syria to North Korea, any trickle of news about the Rohingya massacres and refugee crisis has gotten lost in the shuffle.But not for Nazda Alam. The longtime Weston resident and Bangladeshi native traveled to the war-torn region last month.

MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA
Wayland couple gives shelter to hikers on a mission

Monday night, Michelle and Dan Szczurko of Wayland opened their doors to a pair of dedicated walkers in the midst of a 3,000-mile stride to raise awareness and money for veterans and military families.

Wellesley Weston Magazine
Lighting Up Wellesley for the Holidays | Wellesley Weston Magazine

Cheryl B. Scaparrotta writer It's easy to forget that the holidays aren't supposed to be about overbooked calendars, budget-busting shopping lists, and too much to do in too little time. So here's an illuminating holiday tale that demonstrates that everything old-like neighborliness, simplicity, and a refreshing absence of technology-is new again.

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