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Madelyn Chen

Reporter and Co-Opinions/Editorials editor for The Lowell, teen blogger for the Huffington Post

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The Lowell
The State of California Education Spending | The Lowell |

In an effort to rectify five years of budget cuts and a complex funding system, an ambitious new state funding bill is in effect for the current school year. Beneath the bureaucracy the plan is simple: more money for California school districts and more freedom to spend it.

The Lowell
LHS averts expected budget deficit | The Lowell |

This year's budget outlook is sunny, as a greater than expected amount of district funds have helped the school avoid a predicted deficit. Each year, the school plans for the upcoming year's budget, which comprises two of the largest funding blocs - the Weighted Student Formula, a per-student allocation that accounts for demographics, and an additional supplementary fund that depends on the number of AP exams administered during the school year.

The Huffington Post
My Unexpected Summer Adventure

With the bubbling volcano of school activity cooled down, and the temporary end of hassled days consumed by homework and lessons, the fair season of summer began, and with it, my travels around the globe.

What High School Should Really Be About

Inside the brick walls, around the lines of lockers, between the rows of desks and within the minds of high school students, a war rages on. The war has been silent for the most part, with battles occurring internally, save for the occasional outburst or breakdown.

'The Bridge Of High School Leads To A Great Unknown'

But there, in that limbo of uncertainty and absence of fate, lays the true beauty of high school, the light shining above the bridge. In those three years after childhood and before adulthood, standing on that awkward bridge, you have one of the rarest commodities in life.

The Lowell
AP exam rule policy is unnecessarily strict, taxing | The Lowell |

The line stretches around the corner of the gym, trailing up the stairs and towards the end of the sidewalk. Lined up like prisoners being marched to their execution, the students standing in the line buzz about nervously, expressing in hushed and hurried tones their anxiety about the Advanced Placement exam they will be taking soon.

The Lowell
Temporary staffing gaps force switches with admin, teachers | The Lowell |

Temporary staffing gaps in biology and Advanced Placement Biology classes this semester have been filled by different teachers, including a new long-term substitute. Due to an administrator's leave of absence for the rest of this semester, biology teacher and former science department head Dacotah Swett assumed administrative duties, leaving her position as science department head to chemistry teacher Jonathan Fong.

The Lowell
Teacher innovates through lecture-homework flip | The Lowell |

In a traditional classroom, class time is used for lectures and lessons while homework is reserved for personal time. Math teacher Patrick Fahey realized, however, that such a one-size-fits-all model does not take students' individual needs and pacing into account, and does not provide much interaction between students and teachers.

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