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My name is Chelsea Carrick and I'm a freelance writer, editor, and ghostwriter with over three years of experience producing content for professional organizations. I specialize in high conversion blog and website content as well as captivating sales copy that is designed to sell. I believe that advertising requires high quality content that is entertaining and informative. I will work with you to produce top-quality writing suited for your business, organization, or non-profit.


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Awesome Without Borders
Rokia: Voice of a New Generation - Awesome Without Borders

Rokia Traoré is one of Africa's most incredible female musicians to grace the international stage. She possesses a diverse range of talent, illustrated both in the astounding variety of her work and in her sheer range of voice. She was nominated for The New York Times critics' album of the year for Wanita (an album she both ...

Awesome Without Borders
Advice You Don't Want to Hear - Awesome Without Borders

Maysoon Zayid is so many things. She's an actress. She's a comedian. She's a writer and activist. She gave the most watched TED Talk of 2014. She was the first person ever to perform stand-up in Palestine and Jordan. She uses humor to break down barriers. She's funny, original, and successful.


Stewart, Cooper & Coon | Workplace Strategies
The Impact of Behavioral EQ on Business Leadership

Behavioral EQ - or "emotional intelligence" - is a concept which can drastically impact your ability to lead effectively in your business. Most business leaders tend to agree that having a high EQ has very positively benefited their networking ability, employee communication/motivation, and their overall experience as leader.

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