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his month's High Court ruling that Australia's offshore processing centres are legal has triggered widespread action in support of those that risk being deported to Nauru. The test case was led by the Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) on behalf of a woman that was brought to Australia to receive urgent medical treatment relating to her pregnancy....


Saving the Butterfly Cave - 2ser

An Aboriginal site is under threat from housing developments that are planned to be built nearby. The site, known as The Butterfly Cave, was declared an Aboriginal place in 2013 for its cultural and historical role as a meeting place for Awabakal women. It is in West Wallsend, just on the outskirts of Newcastle.

Siege in Aleppo - 2ser

A coalition of opposition groups have claimed to have broken the government's siege in Aleppo. The offensive against the government forces began last Friday and while they've reportedly managed to open a passage, intense battles continues in the city. Around 250,000 civilians are thought to be living in Aleppo's opposition-controlled areas, under government siege since ...

Australia's death tax - 2ser

Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Now there is support for Australia to introduce a 'death tax' to fight income inequality between low and high income earners. The death, or inheritance tax, is aimed at trying to take back money from people that own over a certain amount of wealth in order ...

Turkey: government takes control of the main newspaper - 2ser

Last Friday the Turkish government took control of the country's largest newspaper, Zaman, after a court ruling placed it under state control. It's the latest in a series of crackdown on press freedom by the government that has been shutting down media outlets since before the November elections last year.

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