Charlotte Eleanore

Content and Social Media Specialist

Location icon United Kingdom

My passion for writing influenced my decision to study two degrees in English Literature having completed a Masters last year, and has always played a huge part in my working life and career.

I’ve effectively contributed to the successes of businesses through creating engaging, relevant, exciting content and promoting this through social media. I currently write all content in-house for Big Cloud, including ghost writing, blogging and digital content.

My experience and expertise spans across many different sectors, from retail and e-commerce, technology, travel, skilled trades to recruitment.

I’m extremely passionate about what I do and what I can do for businesses. I find sharing ideas and contributing to the bigger picture exciting.

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Optimizing Your Website Content For Lead Generation

You might not realise it, but your website is the most effective tool in turning your target audience into leads, and ultimately into customers. Typically, your first contact with your target audience will be through great content, whether this is a social media post, a blog, or an email.

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3 Days in Prague: City of a Hundred Spires - Backpax Travel

Thinking of jetting off to Prague? With the promise of a gothic cathedral, a medieval astronomical clock, ornate bridges, bustling cafes and vibrant bars, why wouldn't you? Nicknamed 'City of a Hundred Spires', the capital of the Czech Republic was calling me.

Big Cloud Recruitment
Solving The Bee Crisis with Machine Learning | Big Cloud Recruitment

Without the natural pollination bees provide, global food supply would deplete so rapidly, the effects would be disastrous. They're an essential part of our ecosystem, a part of a delicate tapestry that works to naturally pollinate our crops. According to the British Bee Keepers Association, 1 in 3 mouthfuls of food we eat depend on bees.

How To Tell If Your Business Is Ready For An App

Whether you want a takeaway, taxi, hotel, plumber or even a date... there's an app for that. Everyone wants an app, because everyone uses apps and we understand the value they can add to a business. But how do you know if your business not only needs one, but is ready to enter this fast moving, popular market?

4 Ways Big Data & Machine Learning Help Conservation | Big Cloud Recruitment

The interdisciplinary field of computational sustainability is using machine learning algorithms to analyse and extract valuable insights from sets of Big Data gathered from environmental fields. It's not just about having large data sets or advanced pattern finding algorithms - it's how we use them.

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Top 10 UK party destinations - Backpax Travel

Feel like a night on the toon? Diverse and vibrant, Newcastle boasts a bustling club night every single day of the week. Multiple 'hot spots' are scattered around the city, tempting revellers with high-spirited pubs and clubs.

Big Cloud Recruitment
Computer Vision: Picturing The Future Of Retail | Big Cloud Recruitment

It's no big secret that we live in a consumer-driven society. The buyer is king and retailers have to keep up with current trends through investing time and money in data-informed insights to shape their core business strategies. Big Data will always play a part in influencing how retailers operate and market their products and brands.

Big Cloud Recruitment
Is Artificial Intelligence The Key To Eternal Life?

Life after death is a topic that has kept some of the greatest minds occupied for millennia. It's something we tend to shy away from talking about, but unfortunately, death and grieving are inevitable realities of being human. With ground-breaking research happening in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, could chatbot technology hold the answer we've been looking for?

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Gearing Up For A Driverless Future

There's been a lot of talk lately about autonomous cars with countless companies proclaiming they'll be the first to release this revolutionary tech. Competition is heating up between companies like Volvo, Google, Uber and Tesla to name a few. Uber piloted self-driving cars in Pittsburgh last month, overseen by a Driver and Engineer.

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