Charlotte Danby

B2B Copywriter

Location icon South Africa

I am a content marketing professional with PR and advertising experience. My writing work includes websites, video scripts, eBooks, blogs and articles. I am based in Cape Town.



Starting a Revolution
Starting a Revolution - The Book

Starting a Revolution is a business book for revolutionaries by Naomi Ryland and Lisa Jaspers. It turns conventional business wisdom on its head and presents you with some radical alternatives.


4 PR tips for Monzo success | Vuelio

Monzo is arguably the UK's biggest fintech success story to date. Just look around any London underground station and you'll see hordes of commuters tapping in and out with their bright coral cards. Millennials are mad about Monzo; they make up its biggest market and help to drive its popularity, which continues to spread like wildfire.

Information Age
Decrypting cryptocurrency and its widely held misconceptions

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, but it is a confusing, volatile and often misunderstood area. This article debunks the myths surrounding the phenomenon The spectacular rise of cryptocurrency is impossible to ignore. Global reaction ricochets from excitement to apprehension to complete incomprehension.
The payroll manager's guide to global payroll

As a payroll manager navigating today’s highly competitive international business arena, it’s critical that you stay on top of your game to make your role invaluable.

Xero Blog
Helping South Africa's small businesses go global | Xero Blog

South Africa is humming with entrepreneurial energy. You can hear it hustling on the streets, feel it brewing in coffee shops, and see it in the growing number of start-ups successfully establishing themselves countrywide. Local success is great. But once that box is ticked, how about taking on the world?

Finance Derivative
Crowdfunding new property developments: 10 tips for would-be investors

Frazer Fearnhead, CEO and founder, The House Crowd Despite attempts by government to alleviate the UK's current housing crisis, we cannot rely exclusively on public money to build new houses and boost supply. The government's recent £2bn investment in 'social and affordable housing' will...
How to combat payroll fraud in Africa

Payroll fraud is becoming more of a threat to organisations across all sectors in Africa, affecting companies and governments. Is an outsourced payroll provider the solution?

How to keep your African expansion 100% compliant

According to the World Economic Forum, Africa is the second-fastest growing region in the world, with annual growth pegged at 4.3% between now and 2020. This is due largely to a growing middle class, rapid urban migration and a digital revolution that is leap-frogging the constraints of legacy infrastructure.

Finance Monthly | Monthly Finance News Magazine
Should I Trust a Robo-Adviser?

Robo-advisers are a great example of how automation is spreading like wildfire. But how safe and reliable are robo-advisers? Below Simon Bottle, COO of non-advised white label, FinchTech, talks to Finance Monthly about when and when not to trust a ro