Charlotte Curran

Hospitality Management Professional

United States

Charlotte Curran is a professional in the Hospitality Management industry and an active tennis player and fan.

"Piece of cake": Top 10 all-time fastest servers in women's tennis

Last week on, we ranked the Top 10 fastest servers in men's tennis, and this week it's the women's turn-all according to the most complete data from SportsMEDIA Technology (SMT). So who are the 10 fastest servers in women's tennis? Let's start the countdown. No.

Charlotte Curran

In 2002, Charlotte Curran graduated with High Honors from European Center of International Hospitality Management in Paris, France. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management, Curran pursued her career in the United States. Her first role was that of a Front Desk Clerk at Hillsboro Club, a private residence club located in the south east.
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Charlotte Curran is a Hospitality Management Professional. Originally from France, Curran now lives in the United States. She is well-versed in travel, having toured all seven continents throughout her personal and professional pursuits. Curran holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management which she earned in Paris, France at the European Center of International Hospitality Management in 2002.