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Charlotte Moore

Writer and editor

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Writer, reader and photographer. Words on lifestyle, money and culture.

Restless Magazine
Why We Spend Money We Don't Have - Restless Magazine

The 2nd of the month was a date I dreaded. Because, by the 2nd of the month, I'd normally have spent my entire salary. I might not need, or even particularly want anything, but without fail, I would find myself wandering around H&M, Topshop - simultaneously browsing ASOS, looking for something to buy.

Boshemia Magazine
The Power of Staying in Bed.

There's a power in sleeping through your alarm, especially if you're female. In most business interviews with successful people, there will always be a question that’s along the lines of ‘well, how do you do it?’ Whilst this question is asked to both genders, predictably the answer will be something like ‘I get up at 5am in the morning.’ And more often than not, this is sold to women as 'the way they can have everything'.

The Female Gaze: On Film Criticism

As someone who watches a lot of films, I read a lot of reviews. As soon as the credits begin to roll, I instinctively paw around the sofa for my phone before spending the next half hour absorbed in any commentary I can find. And I'm not alone.

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