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I have extensive writing experience and I am proficient in SEO, social media and multimedia journalism including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Audition.

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CJ talks NME through his 'Firsts'

As children, most of us spend our time dressing up, colouring in, or generally being very small nuisances. For New York-based artist CJ, his childhood looked quite different.

Nice Swan Records: an oral history

It's Sunday night and I'm meeting co-founder of Nice Swan Records Alex Edwards at Hackney's MOTH Club. People are already spilling out of the doors when I arrive, and pinstriped trousers, shaggy haircuts and glitter-strewn faces litter the small alleyway-cum-smoking-area at the venue's side.

Loud And Quiet
Album Review: Villagers - Fever Dreams

“When your blood is pumping and it’s all or nothing / You get a sense of something bigger than you,” Villagers mastermind Conor O’Brien croaks through the sole lyric on Fever Dreams’ brief, febrile opener ‘Something Bigger’. It might seem a bit melodramatic – we’re all guilty of letting our existential crises run away with us, especially given the backdrop of the last eighteen months – but really it serves as a pithy conspectus of the album as a whole.

Hippo & Hippo: in conversation with Hippo Campus

"I don't know, I just really want to be TikTok famous," Zach Sutton, bassist, keyboardist and one-fifth of beloved indie-rock troupe Hippo Campus admits furtively a few minutes into our transatlantic Zoom call. "I think we've really been crossing our fingers and hoping that we wake up one day and become one of those bands that's just blown up on there," he laughs.

Album Review: Goat Girl - On All Fours

Picking apart the very fabric of the world around them— from mental wellbeing to humanitarianism, social injustice to the climate crisis— Goat Girl’s discordant melodies are fit-to-burst with all the raw emotion of four young people whose rose-tinted glasses have lost their sheen.

11 Underrated Songs: Cocteau Twins

From tiny-beanie clad internet softbois to middle-aged dads with receding hairlines, Cocteau Twins are a band close to all manner of hearts. Almost 25 years on from their untimely break-up, the Scottish shoegazers still occupy a substantial space in record collections, Spotify playlists and Tinder bios alike.

Interview: Babeheaven on lasting friendship + their debut album Home For Now

Friendships made during your early teenage years always feel like they're going to last forever. There's something markedly intimate about having all of those seminal teenage experiences alongside somebody else, especially at a time when everything seems so melodramatically important. For Babeheaven's Nancy Andersen and Jamie Travis, their childhood friendship has followed them vivaciously into adulthood.