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Freelance Public Relations and Copywriter

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Hello out there, I'm Charlie, a results-driven public relations and marketing professional seeking to leverage three years of internship and freelancing work. I've spent the last few years producing engaging online content, press releases, and promotional materials and I'm passionate about utilizing social media content to build awareness and engagement



Q Media
How to Make the Perfect Snowball - Q Media

As children, we all enjoyed a good snowball fight. It's impossible to forget the old days when you looked out the window and saw a blanket of thick, powdery heaven covering the neighborhood; that excitement you felt as the news announced school was canceled freeing you up to go play with Johnny, Sue and Ellie down the street; and, the nagging warnings of your mother saying, "you'll catch your death of cold" or, "if you get too messy don't bother coming home."

Q Media
Georgie Porgie - Q Media

By, Charlie Williamson Many words come to mind when it comes to gay pride: rainbows, drag queens, LGBTQ families and music. But what about craft beer? Well if two local breweries have their say in the matter, things will soon change.

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CityWatch Los Angeles
Is Billionaire Donald Sterling LA's Worst Landlord?

Earlier this year, Sterling purchased two buildings on Elden Avenue in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Koreatown. In July, Sterling, who has a history of discriminatory practices, served tenants with an illegal 30-day eviction notice.