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I'm Charity 21 year old student, who likes writing about music, culture and film.

Ellipsis Magazine
The Stranglers @O2 Academy - Ellipsis Magazine

It's a night of nostalgia at the , a band who's seedy, aggressive, no compromise and versatile punk rock has managed to be passed down by generation after generation. As a 20 year old, i'm missing out by quite a few years on witnessing the band in their prime, but tonight I head to the Liverpool Academy for the return of the legendary Guilford band The Stranglers O2 Academy in anticipation.

Ellipsis Magazine
What's in your Earphones? - Charity's February Playlist - Ellipsis Magazine

February, a dichotomy of feelings can be felt towards it depending on the state of your romantic life and your opinion on pancakes. Despite being the month of St. Valentine's day and Pancake day, an indifference of mine towards the two means it's not really themed by either of those dates (sorry guys!).

Ellipsis Magazine
LIVERPOOL MUSIC WEEK: Goat Girl @ EBGBS - Ellipsis Magazine

a female four piece making melancholic, eclectic music that would not be out of place on a 90's playlist. Recently signed to EBGB's, Liverpool's self proclaimed den of debauchery has become Rough Trade with four singles under their belts, they are billed as the headline act of the night.

Ellipsis Magazine
Wolf Alice @ O2 Apollo Manchester - Ellipsis Magazine

T he Camden four piece's second album 'Visions of a Life' was released in September, and I was a bit dubious at first about the sonic direction the band were heading in, with the snarling lead single Yuk Foo and the gooey lovers lament Don't Delete The Kisses.

Ellipsis Magazine
LIVERPOOL MUSIC WEEK: Childhood @ The Magnet - Ellipsis Magazine

I've followed Child hood ever since they released their shoegaze injected first single Blue Velvet back in 2013 and since then their sound has made a big reinvention entering the realms of funk and soul in their second album Universal High, becoming more akin to The Isley Brothers than The Cocteau Twins.

Ellipsis Magazine
An Interview with Headclouds - Ellipsis Magazine

After their soundcheck and receding their first , outside the venue, before settling down in the Liverpool headline gig at The Magnet, I met up with Philharmonic Dining Room over a pint, to Steven, Johnny, Al, Cole and Nick from upcoming Newcastle band Headcloudsdiscuss everything from their influences, to how they wished they'd written Dancing in the Moonlight.

Ellipsis Magazine
Dream Wife @ The Magnet - Ellipsis Magazine

The music scene in 2017 has never been better for female musicians, who have had the flexibility to take control of their own creative spaces; eccentric pop fairy , are on the rise.One part Icelandic to two parts British, as an art project, in which they formed a "fake girl band" as an art project for the gallery magazine.

Ellipsis Magazine
INHEAVEN @ Buyers Club - Ellipsis Magazine

Last Friday the volume of gigs was innumerous, so much so I even found it hard to entice someone along to the gig with me. Down the road glittering indie poppers were at were across the road at s headline show at Sundara Karma Liverpool Guild Of Students, their biggest show yet, whilst Mercury Prize nominated The Big Moon The Magnet.

Ellipsis Magazine
HMLTD @ The Magnet - Ellipsis Magazine

From the offset HMLTD have had nothing but shock value, being one of the few bands out there who have had a legal battle with corporate giant McDonald's, resulting in a name change from 'Happy Meal Limited' to HMLTD Notable for pushing the boundaries of gender roles in their onstage attire, adorned in makeup and fishnet and funky suits, image is at the forefront of the band's live performances.

The Sphinx
The Horrors @ O2 Academy 2 | Gig Review - The Sphinx

10 years on from the release of their first album 'Strange House' the Horror's were back in Liverpool On Sunday, to tour their synth-tinged goth pop 5th album 'V'. With an uproar after a last minute venue change from the main O2 Academy Room to the 500 capacity space of O2 Academy 2, the anticipation ...