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Whitewashing and entitlement: The truth about Aida-gate

The story of Aida is centred around a love triangle, but it is the context of the musical that is more troubling. The titular character, a Nubian princess, is taken into slavery after her country is captured by an Egyptian army.

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John Michie, father of Bestival victim, delivers statement on daughter's 'murder'

Louella Michie, daughter of actor John Michie, has been identified as the 25-year-old victim Yesterday (11 September), it was confirmed that a body of a 25-year-old woman was found in a wooded area on the edge of Bestival's site. Today, John Michie has confirmed that the victim was his daughter Louella Michie.

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Azealia Banks is My Misunderstood Black Hero

These bitches know that I be on that black girl shit/ That black girl pin-up with that black girl dip/ Put that black girl spin up on ya whack girl tip/ Ain't official till it been up in that black girl kit/ Pick out ya mans and attack real quick,

Brexit: it was never for young people | gal-dem

Yesterday, the UK decided to leave the European Union less than a month after Education Secretary Nicky Morgan stated that leaving meant young people would suffer the most. Though the response across the board has been very emotional, as young people, are we really that surprised?

Should we be relieved that grime has gained recognition at the Mercury Prize nominations?

This week nominations for the Mercury Prize were announced, and, despite viral campaigns highlighting the lack of diversity generally seen at awards ceremonies (remember #OscarsSoWhite?), yet again the Mercury Prize has failed to measure up. The Mercury Prize is a prestigious award that promotes and recognises the best in UK and Irish music.

Twerk to empowerment with Kelechi Okafor | gal-dem

Kelechi Okafor ( @Kelecnekoff ) better described as the one and only 'Benz Punani Womanist' is an acting, twerking and pole fitness instructor that is taking the fitness scene and the world by storm. I first met Kelechi at a talk run by - a London based organisation that creates and provides leadership programmes to empower young women of colour on black women, wellbeing and self-care.

The Tampon Tax: a reverse Robin Hood policy? | gal-dem

The "tampon tax", a five per cent luxury tax on sanitary products in the UK, is symptomatic of the institutionalised misogyny in our society manifesting itself through policy. The idea of sanitary products being a luxury item comes from the idea that they are "non-essential", which, as anyone who has had a period can tell you, is wholly untrue.

Puma and the gross fetishisation of working-class struggle | gal-dem

You know when white girls wanted to do photoshoots in estates for their handmade co-ord, furry flare pants and boob-tubes to sell on Etsy? I found it annoying, I side-eyed, but let it slide. Again, when I saw that Puma hosted a party inspired by drug dealing and poverty unfold on my Twitter timeline, my gut screamed, "okay, white nonsense back at it again whatever, NEXT!"