Chania Kirby

Marketing & Public Relations Director

Location icon United States

I am a seasoned Marketing Director and Administrative Assistant. I'm an expert in communications, graphic design, and management.

As the Marketing Director, I have extended my knowledge in SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media.

I've worn many hats at this job and even stepped in to lead planning of our Anniversary parties which had over 1,000 members in attendance. I have also created every graphic that was placed on flyers, on digital TV's and on the internet.

My best quality is that I get things done- quickly and efficiently.

For School Use
Mock Marketing Plan

This is a mock-up for a Marketing Plan that was my final assignment.

Press Release
New Hire

This is a Press Release for a New Massage Therapist Director

15th Anniversary Party
Sponsorship Packet

This was a sponsorship packet I put together for TELOS in order to bring in paid sponsorships for their 15th Anniversary Party.