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Aspiring fashion and beauty journalist who hopes to share new techniques, skills, and opinions to her audience. Let me help you find your inner confidence and beauty. As well as bringing awareness to people and places that provide creativity and inspiration to our society today.
Currently studying at The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania as a Mass Communications major with a focus in Print Journalism and a minor in Business Management. I am currently a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Lincolnian Practicum, as well as having published work online for DC Life Magazine, Dormify, and USA Today College. Along with studying at Lincoln, I have also studied at Academy of Art University where I studied fashion journalism and have a series of stories from my studies as well.


The Lincolnian (Fall 2013-Present)

The Lincolnian
Ziana Fashion Club rocks midnight show

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian Ziana Fashion Club members took the stage at Manuel Rivera Hall last night for their annual midnight show for Homecoming week. "Ziana killed the show," said freshman Tondalayla Goodman. Ziana models exuded sex appeal and confidence. Some of the ensembles included black and gold spandex bodysuits, white evening gowns, and...

The Lincolnian
'Cuffing' & 'body counts': Navigating sex and relationships on campus

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian Any conversation about sex and relationships on campus would certainly be provocative. But one student's comment at the recent GQ Boys Vs. Girls Forum really struck a nerve with the audience. "I can tell a woman's body count by the way she walks," the student said, using the slang term for...

The Lincolnian
Fashion show supports LGBT awareness

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian The third annual Walk for Awareness fashion show featured performances to support LGBT History Month. The "We Are 1" student group organized the event Thursday in the Student Union Building multipurpose room. The event was designed to convey the message that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people should not be the subject of...

The Lincolnian
Freshmen fret over work of class board

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian The freshman class board is off to a rocky start, students say. "I think they need to do a better job representing," said freshman Leilani Rhodes. Members of the class board said they're looking ahead to make some improvements in fundraising and activities.

The Lincolnian
LRC extends tutoring hours to help more students

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian The Learning Resource Center has expanded peer-tutoring services this year to help students with a full range of subjects. Peer tutors are now available throughout the day, instead of just in the morning, said LRC Director Patricia Fullmer. The service is offered 9 a.m.

The Lincolnian
Refunds confuse, frustrate Lincoln students

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian Changes to the way Lincoln University handles financial-aid refunds this year has confused and frustrated students, but administrators say the issues are being worked out. "I still have yet to receive my refund, and now I'm getting impatient," freshman Tametra Thomas said recently.

The Lincolnian
Universities play critical role in preserving art, speaker says

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian Historically black universities have had a critical role in developing African American art over the past century, this week's convocation speaker told students Thursday. Dr. Jacquelyn Serwer, chief curator of the Smithsonian's National Museum for African American History and Culture, spoke on The Role of Universities as Stewards of Art and...

The Lincolnian
Parade starts day of Lincoln Homecoming events

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian The Lincoln University held its annual parade around the city of Oxford to celebrate Homecoming for 2013. The parade started at 10 a.m. and lasted until 11 a.m. Many people from the community came out to support Lincoln University and its students.

The Lincolnian
Domestic violence remains a concern for students

By Chanel Watson The Lincolnian It took Ebony a while to realize she was in an abusive relationship. "The abuse doesn't happen until he knows he's got you under his spell," said Ebony, who agreed to be interviewed by The Lincolnian if her real name was not used.

DC Life Magazine (Summer 2013)

Play Dress Up in Your Boyfriend's Closet

Have you ever woken up the morning after a special night with your significant other (or not so significant), and all you wanted to do was wear his t-shirt with the scent of his cologne still lingering on it? Well now, not only is it an easy go-to, it is also a fashion statement.

Battle of the Headwear: DC Baseball Caps vs. Miami Turban Headbands

After taking a much needed cruise trip to Cozumel, Mexico, I came back home to the states with a relaxed mind and body. After all, getting a nice tan on the beach gives you plenty of time to rest. But it was not until I came back to Miami where I saw something that always catches my eye.

Old Town Alexandria Welcomes New H&M on King Street

On July 25, 2013, H&M opened its newest location just outside of DC, in neighboring Old Town Alexandria. With the promise of a free gift card and cupcakes, it caused the first people to arrive at the function to camp out the night before since 8 PM.

Where's My Heels: Top Fashion Events You Should Attend This Week in the DMV

Break out your wallet and your best pair of high heels ladies because there are so many fabulous events going on this week. From back-to-school tips with Teen Vogue to getting your nails done at the Ritz-Carlton, these are your last couple of chances to get your girl time in before the end of the summer.

Best Beauty Products for the Summer

As we all know the summer season has officially arrived, and it is time to take full advantage of the sunny weather. The DMV area has been blessed (and cursed) with a consistent forecast of humidity. Which causes a loss for women who are trying to find the perfect makeup that won't melt off of their faces when it's time to go out.

Hipster Haven: The New Marketplace at Georgetown

Last weekend, I found the perfect shop haven for the hipsters in the DMV area. The new marketplace in Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue is not for everyone trying to find the normal fruits, veggies, and cheap clothing.

Internationally Known: Top 5 Fashion Items to Pack for Travel

When was the last time you took out some time for yourself? A trip to the spa, or go on a picnic, or a vacation? Well this is what the summer is for, to break away from your stressful life and treat yourself to some "you" time - as in my case.

Dormify (Spring 2012-Summer 2013)

Art In Our Blood: Blogger Jennifer Wang | Dormify

When you take a first glance at her blog, it seems as if she was a character from those Japanese anime shows (if you stayed up late at night to watch them), but next time you visit her page, she may look like a whimsical princess.

Is black the New Pink?: From the runways to your dorm room | Dormify

Even in our imaginary fashion world in our bedrooms, the newer generation of teens is starting to shy away from the traditional, pink, "girly" bedrooms, and head towards a more toned down approach. In my world, my purple and black room sends a message of peace and calmness (with a bit of an edge with the black furniture).

Second semester HS seniors: how to start planning now for your dorm room | Dormify

Well, we finally made it! We are officially in our second semester of high school, and soon will be graduating. Do you know what this means? We are that much closer to the college life (feel free to exhale loudly). You have chosen your school, your perfect roommate, your summer break activities, but what about your dorm room?

You're Not Alone in College | Dormify

College is a time for new beginnings, and new beginnings comes with new friends and new "guy friends". But seriously, that high school sweetheart you broke up with can't hold you back from you're future hubby. It's time to stop being shy, and make some lifelong friends that will show you a good time with your once in a lifetime experience.

One Page At A Time | Dormify

Teenage girls and women all over have wanted to look like Photoshopped divas their whole lives without thinking twice that their appearance is already fine the way it is. Why should we look like the girl society wants us to be, when they should just accept us for who we want to be?

It's not the end, but it is the beginning | Dormify

It may not be the very end of your high school career, but you are going to be studying elsewhere. I am speaking to my high school students who are planning on going to a summer pre-college program. This may be to exercise your talents, visit a new place or just to get away from your parents for the summer.

Arm Candy: Rocking the tribal trend on your wrist | Dormify

Fashion forward celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie have paved the way for the boho trend. From the high wedges and beaded sandals, to the lacey tops and feather earrings, they embody it. But if you are not on the same caliber as these lovely ladies, you will find that the easiest piece is the bracelet.

Waterproof Your Summer: The best summer makeup | Dormify

by Chanel Watson (North Point High School) Now that it's summer, you have all the reason to look your best and snag that cute guy from across the room. You always want to put on your best face for the crowd, but what about when the activities get a little wet?

Make It Work: A new set of ways of wearing your favorite accessories | Dormify

The hit Bravo TV show, "Project Runway", is a show about fashion designers in a competition against each other to win enough money to start their own clothing line and hopefully become the next big name in fashion. The mentor to the designers, Tim Gunn, is in the studio to give off his infamous quote of wisdom, "Make it work."

Get the Look: Paris Fashion Week 2013 Trends for your Dorm Room | Dormify

As all of us fashion lovers know, Fashion Week for spring 2013 has come and gone. And although we may not have the budget or the confidence to take on such high fashion clothing, it does not mean that we can't take these trends and incorporate them into our dorm rooms. Inspired by the incredible designs of Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen, here are a couple of ways to style your dorm to your high fashion preference.

Winter Break Blues | Dormify

Yes, we finally made it! It is the end of the semester. Now that we finished those final exams, it's time to take a nice, well rested Christmas break. But I always come to one problem, as I think others have; what should I do with my time after Christmas.

Dormify + Olioboard College Style Design Contest | Dormify

by Chanel Watson (North Point High School) It's about that time again. You're all moved in into your new dorm room, getting to know your new roommates, but's time to unpack. But not only are you unpacking, you're redecorating. But I know there are some girls who are having a little trouble with their style decisions.

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