Chai Kashyap

Content Creator

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I guide companies to ensure that their tone, language and content styles are congruent with their intended message – across all platforms - both internally as well as externally.

A Content Obsessed Everything, my preoccupation with strategically catering to one’s target audience through succinct and effective copy sees me on a constant journey of discovering new ways to engage, entice and pivot companies through the written word.


Published Work

Spectrum | Technology and Innovation Business Club
Doctors' jobs are anything but safe as AI advances: Interview with Emmanuel from Health2i -...

SPECTRUM sits down with one member each month to share their business model with the rest of the community, speaking candidly of their journey as entrepreneurs in their respective fields. We caught up with Emmanuel Prado from and uncovered what the disruptive medtech platform has in store for the future: [SPECTRUM]: Were you always focused on medtech or did you come from another discipline before starting the business?

Spectrum | Technology and Innovation Business Club
Medtech's Crystal Ball: AI set to save millions of lives - Spectrum | Technology and Innovation...

The dictum prevention is better than cure has become somewhat of an adage repeated again and again across the medical industry - and for good reason. With global life expectancies rising steadily over the span of the last many years, governments are often left with the somewhat arduous yet vital task of provisioning for ageing populations of tomorrow.

Spectrum | Technology and Innovation Business Club
Edtech's Race Beyond Chalk and Blackboards

Asia's (somewhat healthy) obsession with education has been depicted and portrayed in a satirical fashion for the longest time. Parents often part with their hard-earned money to fuel their kids primary, secondary, tertiary as well as post-graduate pursuits at almost any cost, seen as a means of obtaining social mobility and/or maintaining the status quo through a bright and stable future for future generations.

Spectrum | Technology and Innovation Business Club
Don't ICO unless you are a Seasoned Entrepreneur - Spectrum | Technology and Innovation Business...

The terms blockchain, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings have taken centre-stage in many-a-conversation over the course of the last year or so. It is of common consensus that the Bitcoin saga and its meteoric rise was the catalyst for investors - both institutional and otherwise - as well as entrepreneurs to focus on ICOs as a preferred method for raising funds.

Strategic Content

Singapore History Consultants
SGD 1.5 Million Proposal for Research and Consultancy Services

Due to confidentiality reasons, a pdf of the file has not been uploaded.I strategically copy-edited the proposal to ensure that the content was positioned appropriately. The contract was awarded to Singapore History Consultants.

Collateral Content Creation

German E-cars
German E-cars Launch Brochure

I was tasked with copy-editing content for a brochure that was a tool to elevate the company's overall profile in the industry.