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Below are clippings that Chadwick wrote for a variety of projects (scripts, ads, blog posts, etc.). Please feel free to check out the links and contact him if you'd like to request additional samples.

Hydrangeas on Fire

Hydrangeas on Fire [A. C. Ahn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Noel Ashman grows up in a troubled household; after his mother abandons him, his abusive father perishes in a mysterious fire. Despite his bitter childhood

Fusillade Review
Movie Reviews

Fusillade - a series of shots fired all at the same time or in quick succession. Sounds a lot like the Hollywood with all of the movies being released every week. And to match those shots, Fusillade Review intends to review every bullet.

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How to Improve Concentration and Performance

As a writer, do you ever feel lazy? Tired? Distracted? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of writers explore different ways to stay ahead of their lazy-selves. There are common, well known practices to stay focused and improve performance, such as drinking coffee or eating healthy. While different people have their own methods of maintaining success and a routine that works, there are a couple of simple, yet perhaps not quite as obvious tactics for writers who can’t keep still to consider.

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Shifting Tracks

The porch stretches forward, sticking out beyond the neighboring houses by two and a half yards, reaching for the edge of the sidewalk like an old man reaching for his toes. An extended roof shades most of the wooden floorboards from what the townsfolk refer to as the “Tears of God.” The rain pounds on the misaligned house, as if trying to tear it down for being different, out of line—more than ordinary.

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Pretending (@ 4th & King Street Station)

He preached, begged, coiled, screamed, teached, said: unspeakable things. The receiver melted in his tight grasp as those around heard, “At last, at last!” Tears of joy flowed down his fizz beard, muffled sobs masked behind his cheers. The payphone smiled wearing child’s teeth, keys zero and one detached with relief. Suddenly he jerked, waking from a dream, pulled his cart close for his soul to lean. The cord long gone, the muted phone fell— the old man back to his daily hell.

The Ahn Bros | Writing Blog

It was the best of times, but people were hungry, it was the age of wisdom, but fools ran the country, it was the epoch of belief, but faith had us divided, it was the season of light, but justice had been blinded, it was the spring of hope, but minds filled with doubt, we had everything before us, but then came the drought, we were all going directly to Heaven, but many sins were committed, and everybody knows, only the rich are acquitted.

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