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'Baby Guy' adds newborn flavor to BYU home games

Fans attending home BYU basketball games may be greeted by the ROC's new cheering icon - a baby and her dad trying to distract the opposing team. Tony Tan, known commonly as "Baby Guy," has been distracting opponents' free throw attempts by drawing the shooter's attention to none other than his baby, Luna.

Unique drink ROCs the BYU student section

BYU students are enjoying a new tradition before sporting events that comes in liquid form. The George Randal, also known as the official drink of the ROC, is a drink tradition that was introduced to BYU sports last year. Students claim it's made of 50 percent BYU basketball, 50 percent love and 100 percent delicious....

ROC Stars ROC the Marriott Center

The BYU ROC, or "Roar of Cougars" student section at the Marriott Center, features 5,000 of the wackiest college basketball fans in the nation. With plenty of energy and a lot of public spotlight, it gives students a great opportunity to give back, and they are beginning to do just that.

The BunYion: BYU's fake news source

About seven months ago two BYU students were volunteering at a soup kitchen discussing the news of the day when they agreed that the "major" news stories were being largely ignored. After a bit of brainstorming, friends Taylor Larsen and Steven van Dijk began a BYU-themed satire paper called the BunYion to cover those "major"...

BYU's Model Arab League takes first at regionals and goes to nationals

BYU's Model Arab League took first at its regional competition in Denver and went to the national competition in Washington, D.C., March 28 for the first time in 10 years. Many league members were surprised by the good showing, as it was only their second year after a 10-year hiatus.

Ball pit brings students together

Students eating lunch on the Wilkinson Student Center Terrace on Jan. 23 may have noticed many of their otherwise serious classmates letting loose in a ball pit. No, it wasn't an extension of a McDonald's play place. BYU Unity, a new coalition inside of BYUSA set up the ball pit in an effort to help students come together....