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A survivor from the University of Portsmouth, achieving a 2:1 in Creative and Media Writing along the way.

Having always been an avid reader, my nose perpetually rammed between two pages of a novel, it was only natural that I pursue a career in writing. My goal is to deliver content that inspires, motivates and achieves it's purpose, whatever that may be. The pen is mightier than the sword after all and is a weapon I plan to yield for many years.

In this portfolio I have put together some of my favourite articles I have written in recent times (earlier articles may disprove my claims of being an articulate wordsmith but we'll put that down to inexperience shall we) and I plan to update as often as my latest ventures allow.

I hope you find something here that interests you or resonates in someway and I would love to hear from you, through any of my social media platforms, if there is.

Happy Feet

An info-graphic detailing a selection of foot problems and how they can be remedied, brought to you by Wide Fit Shoes

-Yoda London-

The Importance of Good Web Design -

Web design is a (relatively) simple concept that too many business have failed to grasp the importance of and in doing so are failing to optimise the traffic that flows to their website. Your companies site is a chance to make a lasting first impression.

-Personal Blog-

The (Vicious) Circle of Life

The job search that was going to yield a bountiful supply of offers and deliver my hearts desire has hit a roadblock. All my dreams and aspirations are being hindered by one thing. Experience. The hardest thing to obtain but with the greatest value it remains a frustration for job hunters worldwide.

Positive Thinking

My girlfriend has commented multiple times on the fact that the majority, if not all, of my previous blogs have been somewhat negative. I personally disagree with this observation as I feel that by highlighting negative elements of my life that are reflected within other people's existences I am offering some form of comfort, like an on-line support worker.

A Fresh Start

For many the New Year represents a fresh start. People everywhere are setting their resolutions with the utmost desire to see them through. The problem is they rarely stick. The man trying to quit smoking will be on twenty a day by March and the Christmas gut will still be hanging around until Easter.

A Man of the People

I spent the last week working in a job that I never thought I would attempt in my life and not only because they are probably the most annoying people on this planet but because I've always been a bit phone shy.

Fearing to Fly

Michael Jordan once said; "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

Takes Money to Make Money

Of all the age old adages that you hear on an almost daily basis none is more true than 'it takes money to make money.' I find myself in the highly frustrating situation of having no cash flow in which to invest to obtain a cash flow.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is described is an extremely rare mental disordercharacterised by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person's behaviour. I'm not saying that I have any such condition but I feel that I do, along with most of the people on this fair planet, display a certain level of character change.

Post University Blues

Now that the summer is officially over and all the baby faced freshers have moved into halls it has finally dawned on me. The life changing thought that every third year student has pushed to the back of the mind has finally reared it's ugly head. I'm in the real world.


England Victorious in Wembley Friendly

With this being the last game before England manager Roy Hodgson announces his twenty-three man squad for the World Cup in Brazil you would have expected to see a host of fringe players given a last chance to prove their worth on the international stage.

Olympiakos Stun Lacklustre United

Despite his lack of experience in the competition, the rare moments of joy in the David Moyes tenure at Old Trafford have mainly come in the Champions League. Undefeated in the group stages they were given a relatively simple draw for the first knockout stages.

Chelsea Win Late Against Everton

Both sides went into this game under pressure to secure the points for their own seasonal targets. Chelsea, despite Jose Mourinho's constant comments on their shortcomings, are chasing the title whilst Everton are hoping to close a gap on rivals Liverpool to secure a position in next year's Champions League.

Arsenal Win in Classic FA Cup Encounter

After Manchester City exacted their revenge on Chelsea for inflicting upon them their first defeat at home in the league all season it was Arsenal's chance for payback and to amend themselves after their hammering at the hands of Liverpool at Anfield.

City beat Chelsea in FA Cup Clash

After masterminding a perfect plan for victory at the Etihad in the league, Jose Mourinho would have come into this game full of belief that his side could replicate that form to progress into the next round of the FA Cup, a competition that has seen ...

Spurs Win Crucial Game in Fight for Fourth

After Liverpool's crushing victory over Arsenal yesterday both Tottenham Hotspur and Everton went into this game knowing it was one they could not afford to lose, or they'd risk slipping in the race for a fourth place finish.

Vidic to leave Old Trafford

The Serbian centre-back told the club's official website ; "I'm not considering staying in England as the only club I ever wanted to play for here is Manchester United. I never could have imagined winning 15 trophies. However, I have decided I will move on at the end of this season.

City Beat 10-man Spurs to go top of Premier League

This match was a billed to be a real contest of two teams in form. Tottenham had won five out of their six games since Tim Sherwood took over the managers position. Manchester City were unbeaten in nineteen games, winning seventeen and knew that another three points today would send them to the ...

Chelsea See Off Stoke

Chelsea continued their good form with a seventh win in succession to progress to the fifth round of the FA Cup. Jose Mourinho made five changes to the side that beat Manchester United last week but displayed his team's depth with a strong squad whilst Mark Hughes fielded an almost complete starting eleven in an effort to replicate the performance that saw his squad run out winners against Chelsea in the league just a few short weeks ago.

Time Running Out For Moyes?

When Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down as manager of Manchester United last season, announcing that fellow Scot David Moyes would be taking over, there was a certain level of careful optimism around the club. Not so any more.

Manchester City Put 5 Past Blackburn

Manchester City were poor as they were held to a 1-1 draw at Ewood Park 11 days ago as Blackburn forced a replay. The difference was remarkable as they ruthlessly put their opposition to the sword to keep their quadruple hopes alive.

Manchester City to make record breaking Shaw bid

The 18-year-old left back has gained rumoured interest from Chelsea and Manchester United amongst others. But City are willing to blow their rivals out of the water by flexing their financial muscles and beating the £29.5 million Barcelona paid for Dani Alves to make Shaw the most expensive full-back in history.

-Student Noodles-

2013 in Film- 4th Quarter Releases - Student Noodles

The year 2013 has already seen a host of compelling cinematography. We have witnessed the stunning revival of the Superman franchise thanks to the combined genius of Zack Synder and Christopher Nolan, who present a contemporary and visually stunning superhero flick in the form of Man of Steel.

TV: Post-Breaking Bad - Student Noodles

Now that Breaking Bad, possibly the greatest TV show of all time, is over, TV fans worldwide are left with a gaping void in their lives.

Football Manager 2014- Review - Student Noodles

So it all begins again. Can Luton Town win the Champion's League? Too right they can. Well, in Football Manager 2014 they can. The Latest installment to be released by Sports Interactive is a poignant case in evolution over revolution.

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