Celyn Matienzo

Creative Content Writer

I'm a writer with experience in a variety of fields, from science writing to website copy for SaaS-based B2B companies. My best copywriting comes from well-researched topics and a clear understanding of a piece of writing's purpose.

I'm a creative writer at heart, and my passion lies in long- and short-form narratives. If I can write a narrative, I'll take the opportunity however I can get it.

True Colors of Cyber Security Podcast

I write the scripts, conduct the interviews, and fully produce the "Cyber Security Basics" series. True Colors of Cyber Security is a California cyber security podcast meant to help companies learn about the truth behind security and how to make progress.

Press Releases

Leaders in Information Security Program Development
CISOSHARE Invited to Join CEO Leadership Alliance

CEO Leadership Alliance of OC and CISOSHARE share the same vision in making Orange County an innovation hub. May 25, 2021 - San Clemente, Calif. - CISOSHARE is now a proud member of the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County.

CISOSHARE President and CEO Speaking at ISSA Event

CISOSHARE President and CEO, Mike Gentile, will be presenting at an upcoming Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) gathering in Orange County. Gentile will be presenting "Big Bounce Theory: The Next Round of Security Program Development for Security Leaders."

PlayWerk Brings VR Technology to Industrial Workplaces

IRVINE, Calif. (PRWEB) November 21, 2017 -- Company's first product, a counter-balance simulator released in 2016, currently in use at over 40 leading companies who cite increased productivity and improved safety awareness; PlayWerk now expands its product line with reach truck simulator

VR Company PlayWerk Announces Management Appointments and Capital Raise

"...VR and gamification can be incredibly successful tools to enable rapid skill-building for employees and roll out a proactive safety culture to all locations concurrently. We feel that PlayWerk has struck the right balance in innovation, know-how, and commercial viability."

The Portal Expands Services for Startups; Fills Resource Void with New Service in Content...

"Our content marketing program will establish companies and the people behind them as thought leaders. We'll fill the resource gap and work with them to bring their businesses to a new awareness level." - Ray Chan, managing director, The Portal The Portal today announced that it had added and expanded services offered to startups and small businesses in Southern California.


Leaders in Information Security Program Development
Be Prepared for a Ransomware Attack | CISOSHARE

Ransomware isn't a new form of attack in cyber security. It's been around for a long time, landing in the news for disruptions to the healthcare industry in 2020, WannaCry in 2017, and most recently, the attack that impacted Colonial Pipeline.

Leaders in Information Security Program Development
Understanding Third-Party Risk Management | CISOSHARE

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is a vital part of your security program's overall risk management program. The average organization can have hundreds or even thousands of third parties and vendors that have access to their networks or handle sensitive data on their behalf, leaving a large surface open to potential cyber-attack.

Leaders in Information Security Program Development
Re-Inventing the Cyber Security Risk Register | CISOSHARE

The cyber security risk register is a common concept in most organizations that adhere to a best practice security framework. Essentially, the risk register is a centralized inventory, often tangibly reflected as a spreadsheet, or risks that an organization finds in its environment while performing risk management activities.