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Celia Daniels


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Graduating with an M.A. in English from the University of Toledo in May 2019, Celia Daniels is an experienced copywriter who's worked in a number of fields. She is familiar with the intricacies of sustainable activism, IoT implementation and AI machine learning, ESL communication, and more.

IU sustainability interns host visitors from across the globe

In June, seven Turkish students from Bogaziçi University and Özyegin University arrived in the United States after winning the Koç University Go Green Competition. Their prize was an invitation to the University of Chicago and Indiana University to spend time with representatives from each university's sustainability office.

Editorial Work

Climate Scorecard Report
Climate Scorecard #12

Climate Scorecard‘s Global Report #12 focuses on national energy policies. We asked our Country Managers to identify and analyze one or two major policies that guide the use of their country’s energy resources.

Million-Dollar Moments

The book features chapters by 18 different resource development professionals and non-profit executives in which they describe the circumstances behind their first, or most meaningful, million or multi-million dollar gift.

Book Reviews

Family & War: On Roxanne Veletzos' 'The Girl They Left Behind'

The modern rise of fascism not only in the United States but in Western Europe makes many find parallels between the symbolism of the alt-right and the propaganda of Hitler's army. This means stories such as Roxanne Veletzos' The Girl They Left Behind are published in an auspicious moment, even though the politically tumultuous nature of 1944 is not the text's primary focus.

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