Cecil H Yancy Jr

Agricultural Journalist

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In the same way that a seasoned farmer can tell the value of the land by holding a handful of soil, I know a good story when I hear it and I must write it down. I have been writing about farming for over 25 years and when I am not doing that I am performing as part of an Americana Duet called Yancy & Yancy

Progressive Farmer
Covering the bottom line

Southeast Georgia farmer plants cover crops for green benefits.

Do You Have The Pigweed Blues?

Take the pigweed fight to the ditches and turn rows. Walking down the rows of just-harvested cotton field, Ken Smith bends down picks up the carcass of a long-dead Palmer amaranth or pigweed. "As you can see, the farmer is conscious of keeping the field clean," says the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture weed scientist.

In my other life....Yancy & Yancy Americana Duet

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