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Charles Raspin

Editor, Copywriter, Marketer

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a versatile editor and copywriter with a passion for storytelling and an eye for detail. I cheerfully juggle a platter of priorities that shift and change on a daily basis, using my organizational abilities to co-ordinate deadlines across multiple different teams. I have a strong sense of narrative and presentation, and experience in reviewing manuscripts and pitches.

As a confident communicator, I am well-versed in liaising with agents, authors, licensors, and other teams. My experience with publishing software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and MS Office help me to quickly pitch and implement solutions for unforeseen obstacles, and I always make sure to stay patient and good-humored while going the extra mile to support colleagues across every team.

DKfindout! Coding
Spread: Alan Turing

A two-page spread focused on Alan Turing, for children ages 5-9. I researched and edited the text, working with in-house designers to create the page.

Exalted (3rd Edition)
Adversaries of the Righteous

Two preview pages from Adversaries of the Righteous, a fantasy roleplaying game sourcebook featuring new antagonists.

Titan Publishing
Life is Strange Promotional GIF

An animated gif to promote the Life is Strange comic series, which I animated and moved through approvals with the licensor.

Diamond Previews (August 2019)
Titan Publishing Previews Advert

Print pages for Titan Publishing's monthly solicits in the Diamond Previews Catalogue. I designed these pages, wrote the copy, and had each ad approved by the relevant editors and licensors.

Essential Surrey & SW London
Beat the board-om: great family board games

There's nothing like a great summer board game session for the whole family. Charles Raspin replaces the old standbys with fast, simple fun suitable for all ages... Board games have come a long way since Lizzie Phillips first invented Monopoly back in 1903.

Essential Surrey & SW London
Interview: Rufus Hound, in the Wars of the Roses

As Shakespeare's Wars of the Roses comes to Kingston, Charles Raspin meets one of its stars, Rufus Hound - the actor and stand-up comedian with a revolutionary bent With its mad kings, bloody battles and muddied allegiances, the period in British history known as the Wars of the Roses might seem familiar to fans of Game of Thrones.

DKfindout! website
Blog: Staying Safe Online

An online article for 5-9 year old children ahead of Safer Internet Day, intended to teach basic online safety procedures in simple language.

The Guildford Magazine
Interview: John Barrowman comes to Guildford

As John Barrowman swings into Guildford's G Live for his UK tour, he tells Charles Raspin about how his fans helped him with the album by raising funds... and the roof

DKfindout! Coding
Spread: Multi-tasking Machines

I worked alongside a coding expert to write, research, and fact-check this page, then collaborated with designers and picture researchers to create it.

Essential Surrey
Interview: Laura Carmichael, Downton Abbey's Haiti Hero

Five years after an earthquake rocked Haiti, a local charity is still helping the country’s vulnerable. Charles Raspin talks to founder Carwyn Hill and his patron, Downton Abbey actress Laura Carmichael

The Surrey Downs Magazine
Property Adverts: Something New

Property pages for a July issue of a local magazine. I worked with multiple property agents to ensure this text was accurate and presented the right tone.

The Surrey Downs Magazine
Event Listings: Surrey Downs in July

A round-up of local events in a monthly magazine. I researched and wrote this page, acquiring images from events organizers and working with our design and production staff.

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