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Cheryl K Hansen

Writer, Storyteller.

Whether I’m sitting among filmmakers, bears and one curious wolf on an Alaskan coastline for Disneynature’s “Bears,” interviewing the directors, animators and songwriters behind Disney’s “Frozen 2,” introducing new characters for Marvel Studios' "Black Widow," or telling my own tales—I love a good story.

Walt Disney Animation Studios
Feature Story for Disney's "Moana"

Worked with artists, designers and technicians to showcase the research and details behind the film's island style.

Disney Blogs
Up Close and Personal with Bears | Disney Insider

Disney Cast Member and writer Cheryl Kabela Hansen got to tackle the assignment of a lifetime: a trip to Alaska to cover the making of Disneynature's latest film, Bears, in person. As she tells it, the experience was nothing less than life-changing, so we invited her to share her story with us and with our readers.

Nook Book
Kip Keeps It Cool

Created children's story from baby's POV that aligned with Disneynature's "Monkey Kingdom" for promo team.

Children's Story
Grape Jelly Bug Bites

Created a series of children's stories for toy company in 2010

Walt Disney Animation Studios
Press Kit for Disney's "Frozen"

Interviewed directors, animators, artists and technical team to showcase how it all came together.

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