Colin deSousa

Policy Analysis and Freelance Writer/Editor

Location icon United States

If I could define myself in two ways, the first would be compulsive curation. But what is that? It means I do everything I can to sift through the ever-growing haystack of media being produced and try to find that little needle of what I consider worth my time. I pride myself on finding "the good stuff". I'm the guy you go to when you need a movie to watch, a game to play, or new music to experience. This isn't something I say lightly. I value my time above of all else and the idea of spending it watching/experiencing something I know I will forget is unforgivable. This curation affects my writing as well. I put everything I have into the research I do and I'm not afraid of confronting my own biases if it means I have a better understanding as a result.

The second thing anyone who wants to hire me should know is that I have a keen eye for problems. When most people talk about the "problems" they see in the world, they only look at the surface and see symptoms. Because of my background in political science and foreign policy, I have cultivated and trained myself to see past the symptoms and see the root problems. If I were a gardening tool, I'd be the trowel. Where most people just snip at the leaves of the weeds and expect it to stop harming their gardens, I dig deep and bring the whole thing out to see why it was able to grow in the first place.