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Cathy Higgins

Content Marketing and Public Relations Writer

Location icon United States of America

I am a certified content marketing and public relations writer with extensive experience writing and editing for multiple platforms.

What Content Marketers Can Learn From Comedy Screenwriters - WriterAccess

There's nothing like going to the movies and spending a couple of hours forgetting your cares while enjoying a good comedy flick. The best one are fun and memorable while even giving you heartstrings a little tug. While everything you see plays out onscreen, it's the work of the comedic screenwriters that give the work life.

How Humor Can Help Higher Education Content Marketers Make the Grade - WriterAccess

Whether you're new to higher education content marketing or are a veteran, you know it comes with a lot of pressure. After all, your work needs to showcase your school and successfully speak to and engage those involved at every level. What you may not know is that mixing in a little funny could be your answer.

What Content Marketers Can Learn From "The Middle" - WriterAccess

"The Middle" recently wrapped up a successful nine-season run of 215 episodes on ABC. This endearing and witty sitcom followed the misadventures of The Hecks, a five-member, working class family dealing with life's daily struggles. Told from the point of view of mom Frankie, played by Emmy winner Patricia Heaton, it takes us on the Hecks' journey.

Using Humor to Re-engage Customers Who Forgot About You - WriterAccess

You've developed your company brand and established your business as an industry authority. But along the way, you've forgotten about customers who had at one time been engaged but haven't kept your attention for a variety of reasons. Before you write them off completely as a loss, give those forgotten customers another look.

How Twitter Can Help Your B2B Marketing Efforts - WriterAccess

Traditional advertising is so 20 th century. These days, the way to market your brand is through social media. One of the best outlets is Twitter. Below are ways to make the most of the platform for your B2B marketing efforts. Twitter is a great way to set your company apart as an expert in your industry.

Need some summer reading ideas? Check out these Kids Town picks!

Kids Town is the online destination to help local parents in the Triangle find things to do with their kids. Our full site is launching soon, but while you are here, feel free to explore a few of the features Kids Town has to offer.

Checklist: Creating Customer Personas - WriterAccess

So now you've happily agreed with the powers that be to find a way to connect with your existing and potential customers by creating customer personas. There's just one have no idea what that even is, let alone how to make one.

Jacksonville State University | Pete Conroy Appointed to Alabama Educational Television Commission

Additionally, Conroy leads a number of projects related to conservation and economic development. Examples include the establishment and operation of the Little River Canyon Center, the Talladega Mountain Center, Longleaf Studios and entertainment complex, the re-use of the former Fort McClellan, the Chief Ladiga Rail-Trail, and several Alabama-based initiatives promoting smart growth, environmental education, arts, conservation, tourism, water policy and sustainable hospitality.

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