Catherine Haryani

Content Writer

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Made especially for Qraved.

Article (Bahasa Indonesia)
Cokelat Toblerone Berubah Bentuk, Banyak yang Protes Berat!

Published by Cerita PicMix, this is an article that explains about the major change in famous Toblerone chocolate. At the time, the news was very trending and all chocolate lovers worldwide keep eyes on this.

Article (Bahasa Indonesia)
Ini Dia Makanan Kesukaan Presiden Jokowi!

I came with the concept and title, and other than writing the article itself, I helped an intern by doing all the proofread and guidance.

Article (English)
Types of Sushi - A Simple Guide to Sushi Lovers

Millenials love sushi! And that's why I got an idea to gather more contents about sushi. In this article, there are types of sushi that some people might haven't known before!

Article (Bahasa Indonesia)
10 Jenis Makanan di Dalam Pesawat Terbang

Many people have been interested to knowing different airplane foods from different aircrafts. I delivered them some contents about it!