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Multimedia reporter

United Kingdom

Freelance multimedia reporter and City University journalism grad. Interested in digital media, data journalism, technology, and current affairs.

Re-working education

LONDON TECHNOLOGY WEEK: tech week's first big day event saw a sharp focus on education and technology, as specialists in both gathered at central London's Somerset House for the RE.WORK future technologies event. Catalina Albeanu offers an overview.
Infographic: tips and advice for mobile journalism

A lot of the roles that used to be filled by a van full of cameramen, sound technicians, producers and video editors - not to mentioned journalists - can now be filled by a well-trained reporter with a smartphone and the right kit.

Funding new projects in collaboration and verification

Collaborative work in data journalism and verification got two new allies this week as platforms Swarmize and Checkdesk received grants from the Knights News Challenge. They both hope to create new opportunities for journalists to use available data and user-generated content to its full potential.
50 blogs for journalists, by journalists 2014

A list of blogs by journalists, journalism academics and photo-journalists sharing tips and perspectives on topics such as social media, data journalism, apps, tools, and the latest developments in the industry. The blogs are grouped by subject and are listed in random order. We have not included any blogs hosted by news organisations or other sites.
Vice News tells personal stories of journalists through illustrated series

The private stories of international journalists rarely make the cut in conventional news. But Correspondent Confidential, an illustrated documentary series from Vice News, makes these unique reporting experiences the focus of its episodes. Series producer Carrie Ching said she knows first hand from working with investigative journalists that some of the best stories do not go into the final piece.

Mukti Jain Campion: Journalism needs curiosity to be more inclusive

Journalism needs more curiosity rather than a tick-box approach to diversity in the media, said Mukti Jain Campion, founder of Culture Wise. Speaking at the start of the second day of the MEDIANE London Encounter, Campion said journalists have to start with the story itself and engage with people at that very basic level.

Testing the MEDIANE Box

The MEDIANE Box is an action oriented online tool that monitors practices in relation to diversity inclusiveness, and aims to support development through specific recommendations on a case by case basis. The tool is aimed at media managers, journalists, and media trainers, and provides relevant indicators for self-monitoring.

Thrifty City
Food waste: where does it come from and how do we stop it?

People in the United Kingdom waste £23 billion worth of food every year, the equivalent of around 18 million tonnes. A third of this comes from households, which means we are throwing away a staggering 6 million tonnes of food. Between the money we waste in the process and the increased campaigning against food waste,...

Cat on the rocks
What's a pop-up education and where can you get one?

Open minds, curiosity, comfortable armchairs and an open bar. These are just some of the things that attract budding entrepreneurs to City Unrulyversity, the pop-up university that takes over Unruly's Clubhouse, a cosy meeting space in stark contrast to the traditional rigid classroom environment people associate with getting an education.

Let's think about thinking for a moment

Our instincts about thinking are in fact "rather poor", behaviour change expert Nick Southgate told Digital Shoreditch on Friday. It turns out we tend to to overestimate how much thought other people give to things, and at the same time we underestimate how much others don't think about things at all.

How to make a video go viral - it's the cat's whiskers

If you ever wondered what makes the internet world go round, St John Street has the answer for you: it's cats. "Cats are in the fabric of online", said Will Cooke and John Burkhart from VAN speaking at Digital Shoreditch on Wednesday.

Entrepreneurs - how to negotiate and get the results you want

Smart preparation is the entrepreneur's best friend when going into negotiations with potential investors, said Edmund Papworth, head of access to finance at GrowthAccelerator, speaking at Digital Shoreditch on Thursday. He said: "We've all seen it on Dragons' Den. They all think they're prepared but they're not".

Why do we like online "foodporn"?

Everyone "loves to hate" the compelling pictures of food people post on Instagram and Facebook, Chloe Cook from The Futures Company told Digital Shoreditch on Tuesday. Sharing images of meals and coffees is something most social media users are accustomed to.

Digital Shoreditch: what is co-working and why does it work

SHARING DESK space with different companies can both cut costs and increase productivity, according to Matthew Evans (@matte8000), director of the Hoxton Mix, speaking at Digital Shoreditch. The collective is one the pioneers of "co-working", a set-up becoming more and more popular with Tech City start-ups.

Work Permit Nightmare

Good news for the British higher education system - four UK universities have taken over the top slots of the QS World University Rankings. This great moment comes after a summer of rather disappointing events, from delays in processing visas, to London Metropolitan University having its license to teach international students suspended, leaving hundreds of students to feel cheated, out of pocket, and unwelcome.

The Digital Shoreditch Daily
The key to successful collaboration - pizza and texting

What makes a successful collaboration? Tom Hall, head of partnership at Pearson, spoke at Digital Shoreditch today about the key factors which make a partnership a success. The list was determinded as part of Connecting the Dots, a project born after Pearson's experience with the new Plug and Play platform where users are able to play with content and put their own touch to the company's products.

The Digital Shoreditch Daily
You've been tagged!

Identity day at Digital Shoreditch started with the introduction of Tagged, an experiment which takes the act of tagging someone in a photo on Facebook and brings it into the real world.

The Digital Shoreditch Daily
Forgot your password? Think pictures.

Ever forgot your password for an important account? Then you may be interested to know that very soon we may live in a world without any text passwords at all. Instead, we would use pictures. Nowadays, we use passwords regularly.

The Digital Shoreditch Daily
"Storytelling doesn't have to start on a page"

Or so says Alex Clarke from Penguin Books who headed "We Make Stories", one of the last talks on the Capital day at Digital Shoreditch on Thursday.



AS IT HAPPENED: Mary Honeyball MEP gives a European perspective

Labour MEP Mary Honeyball gave MEDIANE a European take on media diversity inclusiveness and gender issues. Her talk included marginalised groups but focused on gender issues. Video Interview: Mary Honeyball MEP talks media inclusiveness and gender issues 17:37: Honeyball says women are still "very marginalised" within the media.

Summit - Final day LIVE

By Catalina Albeanu, Digital Daily Reporter Summit is a day dedicated to the community. For its last day, Digital Shoreditch aims to bring together local business owners and innovators and to give them the opportunity to network and discuss.