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Cassidy Bartolo

Staff Writer, The Channels

Location icon United States of America

Born in San Jose, California in 1997
Moved to Santa Barbara, California 2016
Attending Santa Barbara City College for AA-Transfer in Journalism
Goals include transferring to San Diego State University, gaining more experience and knowledge to move onto working with features and profiles for the extreme action sports culture.



The Channels
'Kick Butts Day' lights up on new trends in smoking industry

Students were unable to look away at the array of 130 oversized cigarettes scattered around Friendship Plaza Wednesday. The oversized cigarettes were part of City College's first annual "Kick Butts Day," which aims to spread awareness and information about tobacco and related products. The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program and Wellness Connection placed the giant...

The Channels
Retiring counselor influenced careers during 3-decade career

Students trickle into the Academic Counseling Center with a slew of questions for the counseling staff as the spring semester gets into gear. Academic counselor Oscar Zavala, 62, eagerly stands up behind his window plastered in colorful campus fliers to greet the students with a bright toothy grin.

The Channels
Clothesline Project provides safe space for student expression

With recent events of a sexual assault that occurred March 18 in Isla Vista and dialogue of City College possibly gaining gender-neutral bathrooms, the Clothesline Project was a gathering for any students to share their experiences. The Clothesline Project, which advocates for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, was held Wednesday at Friendship Plaza, where colorful shirts...

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Veterans' Support Program advisor retires after 42 years

After 42 years of running the Veterans Support and Resource Center, Magdalena Torres, a prior City College student, will retire through the Supplemental Early Retirement Program. Torres works in the center as a veteran's support program advisor and coordinator. The center holds the college's Veterans' Support Program.

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EOPS and financial aid honor retirees in outgoing ceremony

The Financial Aid and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services departments held a ceremony Friday to honor five faculty members in the departments who are retiring this semester. The event was held at Memorial Plaza with many faculty, students and family in attendance to honor Silvia Suayfeta-Cortez, Ana Jimenez, Gregory Baranoff, Marsha Wright and Dave Morley....

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New transfer counselor serves underrepresented students

The transfer center bustles with groups of diverse students hanging out with counselors asking about their day as students update the staff on their weekends. Counselor JennyErika Barco waves to familiar faces from her office in the transfer center as they call her by first name and she invites them in to check on their...


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Cal State Northridge no longer considered easy SBCC transfer

California State University, Northridge took City College off their list of local transfer schools last semester, but will consider students with certain majors local. California State University, Channel Islands is considered the City College local transfer school as a result of its proximity to the campus.


The Channels
Independence and philosophy give student a clear mindset

I was born a replicate of my family's thoughts and ideas. It wasn't until I moved out at 18 when I realized I was trapped in the mindset I was raised in. Through living on my own the past few years, I came to realize the world is a rainbow of ideas and perceptions where...