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I am currently working on my B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida. I am also minoring in both Political Science and Sociology. I work at the University Writing Center as a mentor writing consultant and I am looking for freelance work as well. I currently write for HerCampus and have written for a Planned Parenthood blog in the past.


About Me


The Feronia Project
Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

This blog post made an argument for why we should legalize prostitution and includes an interview with a former prostitute.

The Feronia Project
Boss Women

Written for the Feronia Project, this blog post explores women in leadership roles.

The Feronia Project
A Crash Course in Periods

This is a three-part series I wrote for "The Feronia Project," Planned Parenthood Blog. It goes over what a period is, period products, and debunking period myths.

Her Campus
Stripping Your Way Through College

We've all heard the joke about paying for college by stripping, but do you ever think about the people who are actually doing it? Believe it or not, approximately 33% of strippers are also college students. And they are making bank!

Her Campus
Barbie is Actually a Feminist

During my childhood, I loved playing with Barbies. I begged my mom for Barbie's Dream House and would spend hours dressing up my dolls and setting up scenes. In fact, most girls I speak to also have very fond memories of playing with their own Barbies.

Her Campus
Why You Should Care About the DACA Repeal

On September 5th, 2017, Donald Trump decided to rescind the DACA program started by the Obama administration. This program has helped nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants and had a positive effect on the economy. Rescinding it will causes has hurt a lot of people and will no doubt harm our economy.


Rhetoric and Civic Engagement
The Stigma Against Mental Illness

This project was from my Rhetoric and Civic Engagement class, where I decided to explore why people with mental illnesses don't get treatment.

ENC 1102
Porn vs. Loans

This was a project from my ENC 1102 class, exploring the pros and cons of going into pornography to avoid student debt



This is a podcast series I worked on with Mallory McGourely. We co-wrote, researched, hosted, and edited each episode ourselves.

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