Cassady Rosenblum

Reporter & Opinion Writer

Location icon United States of America

I write features and opinion pieces for outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian.

As a native of West Virginia, I love covering politics and culture in Appalachia.

As a former New Orleans teacher, I also write about race, justice, and education.

the Guardian
Hillbillies who code: the former miners out to put Kentucky on the tech map

As Highway 119 cleaves through the mountains of eastern Kentucky, exposed bands of black gold stretch on for miles - come get us if you can, they tease. And for years, miners did: they had good employment that earned them upwards of $70,000 a year and built a legacy of blue-collar pride in the region.

Oakland North
Castlemont players find their voice through football

Someone snapped a photo of the Castlemont team kneeling, and it quickly spread on Instagram and Twitter. At the next game against The King's Academy in Sunnyvale, Castlemont's players took their protest one step further: they laid down on the ground as if they were dead and raised their arms in the "don't shoot" position.

Oakland North
At historic Black Panthers school, Black teachers were key to student success

In 1973, the Black Panther Party opened an elementary school in an old church on International Boulevard. At its peak, The Oakland Community School (OCS) served around 160 students, and relied on a combination of grants and private donations to give it total autonomy: the Panthers hired whom they pleased, taught how they wanted, and won awards doing it.

Tattoos in the Trump era

Forget Post-it notes and protests. The most permanent canvas for your political outrage is your skin. Berkeley tattoo artist Karen Roze inks a special customer with symbol once despised by thousands.