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Casey Sutton

Freelance Writer and Author

Location icon United States

Casey Sutton is an independent writer, and aspiring author. Her writing has netted her multiple publications, in school and county-wide competitions, such as her "With the Coming Dawn" earning her first-place in Polk County's Poetry Competition in her age bracket. When she emerges, blinking from her grotto, she spends her time cultivating her creativity by playing D&D, falling during ice skating, and aspiring to become a 'bench-pressing goddess'. She is currently slaving away over her second novel "NOVA: Prime", and working at a local grocery store to put herself through college. To get in contact, leave an offering of lemongrass on your windowsill, and a carrier raven will arrive within 3-4 business days to deliver your inquiry. Or, you can simply email her at [email protected], or message her at @c_t_sutton on Twitter.

Looking for Publisher
NOVA Prime Excerpt

An excerpt from the manuscript for NOVA Prime, a sci-fi thriller.

If Poets Were Diplomats, Poetry Anthology 2018, Volume XLII
With the Coming Light

Poem awarded 1st place within age bracket.

AP Literature Analysis Essay

An analysis paper deconstructing the role of McMurphy in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest'.

Literati, Vol. 2
Reconciliation at Gunpoint

A short, self-contained narrative fiction, written for George Jenkins' Literary Magazine, Literati Vol. 2.