Casey Frink

Writer, Editor, and Researcher

Location icon United States

A strong, creative writer with a broad background writing content and copy for articles, blogs, social media, video scripts, fundraising copy and marketing materials. Engaging top-to-bottom project oversight from research to editing, seamlessly integrating client feedback and editorial direction into the final draft.

private client
Student Loans: 6 Fast Facts

A short article about student loans written for a college prep website, designed to engage students with punchy twitter-style paragraphs.

private client
Rapid Fire Textbook Site Reviews

A web article for college students reviewing popular textbook sites, offering quick, relevant details and advice.

Talent Inc.
A Reporter's Resume

The final draft of a resume planned, written, and edited for a broadcast journalist client.

undergrad senior thesis project at the University of Wisconsin
Aliens in America

A short play written as part of my senior thesis project in creative writing and submitted to the Marcia Légère Student Play Festival at the University of Wisconsin.

Talent Inc.
A Doctor's CV

The final draft of a CV written and revised for a doctor client.

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