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Carrie Mansis

Freelance Writer of Anything

Location icon United States

Hi! I'm Carrie. I love to write, and I'll take a stab at anything. I've done long and short form creative content, business articles, finance articles, research articles, company contracts, NDA's, white papers, poetry and journalism, and I don't plan to stop there! I'm a published author and a personal blogger. All I need is your content! So check out my style & see if it's a match for you. If so, I can't wait for you to get in touch! Thanks!

Sales v. Profit Margins

A brief article I wrote for a blog offshoot of Finnops Financial Services

How Marketers Know What You Like Before You Do

A freelance research article I did for Brainjolt, a digital marketing platform. The topic was assigned; article content, structure and style was my at my creative discretion.