Carolyn McMurray


United Kingdom

*Freelance B2B Tech Copywriter & Brand Novelist*

B2B & tech copy doesn't need to be boring. And ~not~ boring doesn't have to mean LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and SCARY. It just means adding a bit of a human touch to your copy. That's where I come in.

SEO certified and winner of the 26 Emerging Writer Award.

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Creative Copywriter
4 differences between copywriting and content writing

Unless you've been living under a rock - or just aren't British - you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Crunchy, moreish, chocolatey goodness in a golden wrapper. There also happens to be two kinds of Twix. Right Twix and Left Twix. The difference? According to Twix Headquarters, this: That's very subtle.


How to grab people's attention... and keep it

Past behaviour is a poor guide to a consumer's current mindset. Here's a modern marketers guide to catching the consumers attention in a media saturated world. In our multi-screen world, attention matters more than ever before. And while digital platforms are multiplying, the challenges brands face in trying to grab a share of their users' attention are tougher than ever.

The Ultimate Guide to Client Management Software | Scoro

An effective client management system is key to business success. It helps drive company-client relationships, makes it easier to manage clients, and improves the overall client experience. Though businesses can implement a manual client management system, having a built-in client management software solution can help speed up processes, streamline workflows, and ensure that important client data is stored and can be easily accessed at any moment in time.

Scoro scoops 20 G2 awards across eight categories | Scoro

This summer, we're excited to announce the results of the latest G2 software review, which see Scoro coming in hot with 20 awards across eight categories and two top badges. This recognition from G2 reviews reflects Scoro's breadth of capabilities and increasing market presence within the B2B industry.

Acorn Intelligence
A guide to Amazon Live - shoppable live advertising streams

There are lots of different marketing strategies you can use to build brand awareness, such as Amazon Ads, Deals, and SEO-optimised listings when selling to Amazon customers. While these are great at getting your brand in front of fresh eyes, they don't necessarily hold engagement for long.

Scoro Secures A Top Spot In Work Management Category | Scoro

G2, the renowned peer-to-peer business software platform, released its Spring software review and it's about time we announced the results. Coming in hot with 13 awards across five different categories, G2's report solidifies Scoro's reputation as the leading solution for collaborative work management software.

New Digital Age
Why SMBs need adtech in order to compete with major players - New Digital Age

ou can't have failed to notice the seemingly endless negative headlines about the slow death of our county's shopping districts, with major brands moving out of their traditional retail locations. But the high street is not experiencing a slow death - instead it is evolving into something different entirely.