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I am a Content Marketing Specialist that resides in Newport Beach, CA. I help brands create an online presence through blogging, copywriting, and social media management.

#myPEARjourney with Adam D. | Pear Sports

myPEARjourney with Adam D. After his father died at the young age of 43 from heart disease, Adam realized the importance of exercise. Once Adam began using PEAR in January 2016 he started to see some amazing results! Not only has he lost 20 pounds, but his confidence and energy levels have skyrocketed.

Flipping Houses 101 - JCAP PRIVATE LENDING

HGTV makes the house flipping business look like a cakewalk, which is why many California residents are interested in the real estate market right now. If you know what you're doing, flipping houses can bring in a ton of money for you and your family.

Locale Magazine
Get the Inside Scoop on Nahko Bear's Inspiration for His Music - Locale Magazine

Written By: Caroline Thompson Photography Provided By: Luke Brunda Nahko and Medicine for the People have always channeled struggles into a social movement that has touched thousands of lives around the world. Once a farmer in Hawaii, Nahko has since "settled down" in Santa Monica where he kicks it with Hollywood's finest when he is on break from touring.

#myPEARjourney with Bruce O.

myPEARjourney with Bruce O. What was your workout routine prior to PEAR? Mostly free weights during the week and a run on the weekend. Do you enjoy exercise? I do. I must say I did not enjoy running. I couldn't run fast and I couldn't go far.

Biggest Company Turn-Offs For Millennials - Totempool

It's obvious that millennials in the workplace are changing the game when it comes to the job market and upper management. Gone are the days of employees slaving away with little-to-no control in the workplace. Companies are now replacing the water fountain with kombucha on tap, hosting ping pong tournaments, and encouraging casual work wear.

Tuscaloosa News
First time's a charm for pageant contestant

University of Alabama junior Jasmine Sabio never thought of herself as a pageant girl - until a family friend suggested the idea of the Miss Philippines USA pageant.

Lighten Your Workload By Recycling Content - Totempool

Creating content is not easy. But, as a business, it's important to have a steady flow of content to show up in Google search and solve problems for your readers. To save time, money, and your sanity, consider recycling content that you have already published! No, this is not cheating.

Donate Your Change
Highlighting Hope: ICT SOS And The Fight Against Human Trafficking - Donate Your Change

In 2011, Jennifer White started ICT SOS out of a need that she saw in her community of Wichita, Kansas. After watching a local news reports on trafficking, Jennifer was horrified that this was happening in her own backyard and therefore set out to create an organization to support victims/survivors of exploitation with the ultimate...

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