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I have strong writing and communication skills. I am organized and task-oriented. I have excellent people skills and can communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and countries.

Here I Am God, Send My Sister
Lottie Moon: A Feisty Foreign Devil

You become who you follow. It's time to upgrade the voices in your life. Many times we forget that others have went before us and faced the same obstacles to obeying God as we do. Nothing is more inspiring than the stories of faithful Christians who gave everything and considered it joy to join God in changing the world. The Traveling Team has developed the Mobilization Series to help equip a new generation of goers and senders to obey God and to multiply their vision into those around them....

Bridal Planner 2015
Thank You Note Etiquette

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Bridal Planner is a gift to any future bride. The Bridal Planner is filled with helpful content and photos to assist every bride create her perfect day.

Little Rock Soiree
The One Where I Rocked Out at The Symphony

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra's (ASO) Beethoven and Bluejeans event proved to be not only enriching, but also extremely entertaining. The ASO event kicked off with a street party featuring the Episcopal School Steel Drum band, Diamond Bear beer and brats to anyone who had tickets to the show.

Little Rock Soiree
Day in Little Rock: The Mall

I remember the days when the mall was the place to be. As a middle-schooler with no cell phone and no driver's license, there was a limit to what I could do on the weekends without my parents tagging along. One activity that would involve only my friends and me was the mall.

Little Rock Soiree
Behind The Scenes of Janice Northen's Quest for Choral Greatness

High school music programs are gearing up for student involvement and the opportunity to teach and share the gift of music. One school in Little Rock is ahead of the national curve. Central Arkansas Christian (CAC) has recently revived their award-winning choral program and has plans to make it a star once more.

Little Rock Soiree
Summer Salad Cool Down Begins at Ya Ya's

School may be on the horizon for some in August, but summertime still rests heavily on our minds and our city. The heat generally causes us to head indoors and opt for an iced beverage; we prefer air conditioning to the humidity of a late-summer barbecue.

Little Rock Soiree
Boulevard Bakehouse & Market Offers More Than Just A Slice of Life

Bread. Bread and butter. Baked goods. Sandwiches. White. Brown. Sliced whole wheat. Rye. Pumpernickel. The best thing since sliced bread is - well, let's be honest - bread. Bread is a basic food that has been a lifeline for humanity for centuries. Bavarians used wheat to make two things: bread and beer.