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Caroline Cooper Huddleston

Writer, Editor and PR Professional

Location icon United States of America

I have B2B publishing experience in the retail and foodservice categories and extensive knowledge of web content strategy, including the ability to produce video, audio and social media content. I currently work in public relations for an international top 100 law firm.

Lessons to learn from the Clear kiosk program's demise

A business losing funding certainly isn't unheard of in this challenging economy, but many former Clear customers and air travel industry experts are troubled by the manner in which the company handled its demise, as well as the factors that may have led, at least in part, to the closure.
Self-checkout and alcohol: A dangerous mix?

Self-checkout machines have been a mainstay in America's grocery stores and supermarkets for some time, but there is growing concern that some shoppers may take advantage of the technology to illegally purchase alcohol. A study published in June by a UCLA Law School clinic and the advocacy group Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, or LAANE, has highlighted that very issue.
Commentary: Keeping kiosks relevant in a changing self-service landscape

Though a recent state-of-the-industry study from Summit Research Associates reports languishing global kiosk installations, Summit founder Francie Mendelsohn believes the industry will see growth again starting in 2010. So why not use this fresh beginning to go one step further and embrace the growing demand for digital delivery and mobile self-service?
Happy birthday, barcodes!

DULUTH, Ga.- One of the key components of many retail self-service devices is the barcode scanner, a technology whose 35th birthday occurs this Friday.
Great Harvest Bread

The franchising concept seems straightforward — executives in home offices know from experience what works, and franchisees carry out those strategies in their own stores. But Great Harvest Bread, an emerging brand in the bakery-cafe segment, does things differently.
NRA Show: Industry expert explores menu trends

There are three important features a foodservice menu must emphasize to be successful in today's market: freshness, flavor and health. This is according to Nancy Kruse, a menu trends analyst and president of The Kruse Company in Atlanta, who led an educational session Monday at the 89th annual Restaurant, Hotel-Motel show.
Coinstar continues '09 march with Kroger deal

Despite this year's challenging economic environment, Coinstar Inc. has had a monumental 2009, so far. In the past two months, the company has announced the addition of prepaid cards to its Coinstar kiosk offerings, a nationwide redbox installation deal with Albertson's grocery stores, a pilot financial-services program with TIO Networks and a redbox/Sony Home Entertainment agreement worth $460 million.

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