Caroline Dixon

Writer, Thinker, Freelance Writer for Hire

Location icon United States of America

I write about the mind, nature, life transitions, relationships and literature. My goal is to become apart of an innovative culture that connects like-minded thinkers who can build a foundation to change the way young adults think about “normal adulthood.”

With a resume that ranges from work in PR and hospitality, to volunteering with autistic children, I see creative writing as a platform to transform the way all people communicate with each other and within themselves. I’m dedicated to my health, free-spirited lifestyle that guides my mindful work.

I received my Bachelor Degree in Psychology from NYU in May of 2017, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I have been writing both academically, professionally and independently since I was in highschool. My previous focus has been on personal experiences, social and cultural inequalities, lifestyle, the nature of the mind and both observation and evidence based.


Caroline obtained a BA at NYU with a Major in Psychology. She is an independent writer and passionate about wellness. Actually, I will tell you why, but when is for you to decide. Gratitude is a timeless virtue with no wrong time, which means that anytime is the right time.