Caroline Barr

Editor & Writer

Location icon United States

Let me bring your brand, company, idea, or passion to life with quality, voice-driven content.

With over 7 years writing and editing experience, I specialize in lifestyle articles and product-focused copy, but can offer acute attention to voice, audience, and detail for any style content.

MFA in Creative Writing
BA in English


- Blog posts
- Journalistic articles
- Magazine-style copy
- Product descriptions
- Marketing and web content
- Social Media copy
- Listicles
- Ghost writing
- Creative projects
- Newsletters
- Emails


- All of the above +
- Academic essays
- Creative writing
- Technical writing
- Resumes
- Cover letters

WHO I'VE WORKED FOR: (details on request)

- Online magazines
- Professional blogs
- National brands
- Publishing houses
- Non-profits
- City/Community organizations
- Academic institutions

CONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected]

Below are selected samples of my work.

Presented at a poetry reading
Visiting Writer Introduction

During graduate school I would often write and give the introduction for visiting writers at campus and community poetry events.

Ugly Duckling House
Go Green with Gifts for Sustainable Living * Ugly Duckling House

Give the gift of doing something good this year - all the cool kids are doing it. Our planet needs our help, y'all. And while it can feel like one small change won't make much of a difference, it really adds up if we all do our part.

Ugly Duckling House
Gifts for the Party Host

This post may contain affiliate links. This won't change your price, but may share some commission. Read my full disclosure here. Bringing a gift for your host, whether they're throwing a party or letting you stay at their home for the weekend, is a thoughtful tradition perfectly fitting for the holiday season.

Ugly Duckling House
Gifts All Wine-Lovers Will Go Crazy For * Ugly Duckling House

If your inner circle includes someone who loves a flavorful sip, these gifts for wine lovers is a must-view for your ideas list! When you have a multitude of gifts to give - say, during the Christmas season, or when your friends inexplicably all have birthdays in February - many people might suggest making it easier on yourself by giving gift cards.

ANNA Magazine
Social Media vs. Social Activism

It's 11:30 p.m. You're in bed early with the good intention of getting a full night's sleep, but you can't help checking all your social media accounts first.

Who Owns Water " Chattahoochee Heritage

On a crisp, sunny morning in spring of 2013, Michael and David Hanson dipped their weathered canoes into the icy fresh waters of the northern most part of the Chattahoochee River. This act that once signified a relaxing day to be spent on the water was now the start of a different journey entirely.

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