Carole Reinert


Research. Think. Write. Repeat. I have 20+ years of experience writing everything from dog food commercials to magazine articles to websites and personal essays.

United States of America




Capitol Technology University | Washington D.C.

Interviewed client, researched and wrote majority of the website.

University of Pittsburgh | School of Computing & Information

Conserving energy helps the environment

Interviewed eleven faculty members, wrote engaging stories to bring their research to life, plus wrote the majority of the website copy.


Calm Waters Holistic Healing

Interviewed client, developed content strategy & wrote all copy, including the blog posts.

Five Valentine's Ideas For Pittsburgh Animal lovers | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Pittsburgh.Net

A fun little listicle to help drive Valentine's Day traffic to this website.


Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation

Interviewed client, developed content strategy & wrote copy for entire website.

Articles & Newsletters

Iron Mountain Corporate Newsletter

Iron Mountain Newsletter

Wrote, "Beyond the Shock -- How Iron Mountain Responded to the Horrific Attacks on 9/11" on 10 year anniversary.

LifeTIMES magaine

Got the mid-winter blahs?

You started feeling lethargic when daylight slowly dwindled in the fall. By now, it's quite possible that you're often sad or depressed.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Packets full of miracles

Little packets of iron powder granules are beginning to make a big impact on reducing the world's No. 1 nutritional disorder: anemia.

Greater Pittsburgh MetroGuide

Weatherbury Farms - Encourages Guests to Slow Down

Day after day, many people sit in their cubicles daydreaming about leaving their present career and following their heart.


Can the mind influence healing?

She died from a broken heart. He worried himself sick. These are two expressions in the English language that hint at the mind/body connection.


Star for Life

As executive editor of this publication for transplant recipients, I shared the stories of many remarkable individuals.

Personal Essays

Grown and Flown

Advice to College Freshmen In Six Little Words

"I'm ready to be there, just not ready to leave here," my daughter announced, exactly two weeks before she'd leave for college. Amazed that she could be so insightful at...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Little dog's anxiety was only muzzled by popping Prozac

I heard a pastor say that when you pray for patience you should be prepared for how God will answer your prayer. At the time, I laughed. Raising two kids, commuting on Route 28...

Grown and Flown

Ohio State Attack: When It's YOUR Kid on Campus

10:26 a.m. An ordinary day turns out to be anything but ordinary when I get a text from my daughter saying; "You're going to hear about a shooter on the Ohio State campus. I'm...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

First Person / Unicorns and rainbows?

When her husband of 22 years committed suicide, Rebecca was understandably distraught. She began sleeping in one of Bob's shirts, finding comfort in the fading scent.