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I am an aspiring journalist who lives overseas and travels a lot to different countries. I take the information I learn from other countries and try to apply it to my everyday life, or put it in my mind bank.

Week 3 Blog / Juice (1992)

Good day, when looking at the movie "Juice" directed by Ernest R. Dickerson I examine a scene from the movie that shows the three basic categories of sound which are dialogue, sound effects, and music. In the scene I chose to evaluate Bishop who is played by Tupac is chasing down Q who is played...

Week 2- Discussion 2 / Lighting / Paid in Full (2002)

Good day, when reviewing the movie "Paid in Full" (2002) and the lighting in the movie, I chose one of my favorite scenes to discuss. The scene I chose was a scene from the beginning of the film, in this scene all the three friends are hanging out on the table eating Chinese food and...

Week One: Boomerang (1992)

WEEK ONE: BOOMERANG (1992) Title: Boomerang Writer: Eddie Murphy Screenplay: Barry W. Blaustein & David Sheffield Director: Reginald Hudlin Main Cast: Eddie Murphy- Marcus Robins Givens- Jaqueline Halle Berry- Angela David Alan Grier- Gerard Martin Lawerence- Tyler Grace Jones- Strang'e Release Date: 1 July, 1992 Plot: The plot of the movie is based on...

Week 4 / Do The Right Thing (1989)

Good day, when thinking about chapter 5 and mise en scene and actors, I think of the movie "Do The Right Thing" (1989). The reason I chose the movie do the right thing is because it has a lot of up and coming actors in it and the movie relates to everyday struggles and arguments...