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Black Hawk
Entertaining your Dog | Black Hawk

We all love spending time with our pets, but even if you're working from home you can find yourself struggling to give your best mate the attention they deserve or request. To help you keep your four-legged friend entertained while you work, we've rounded up five useful tips. 1.

Black Hawk
Dog Depression | Black Hawk

Not unlike humans, dogs feel happier and more settled with a healthy routine in place. But why is that? Read on to find out why a good routine is a crucial factor in your dog's overall happiness and what to do when it suddenly has to change.

Puppy Milestones from Birth

Puppies can bring so much joy to our lives, and grow so fast. Particularly during the first 12-18 months of life they pass through several important stages of development. Understanding these different milestones and how to respond to each will ensure your pup has the best start in life. 1.

Tips For Travelling With A Dog | VitaPet

If it's been a while since you last travelled, you're probably itching to hit the open road with your four-legged friend. According to Animal Medicines Australia, 25% of Australians have taken their pets on a holiday or road trip. And with more Australian and New Zealanders considering pet ownership, this trend is set to increase.

Australian Dogs & Pets magazine
Interview with an Author

We spoke to the author behind 'Travelling with Pets' to find out what it's really like to hit the road with your pets.

Petbar Magazine Issue #04 - July 2019

In this issue, we had the privilege of talking with Georgina from WeWork about the benefit of having office pets. We also had a natter to super-blogger Hollie Freeman about sustainability and what we as pet owners can do to help.
Travelling with pets

By: Carla Francis, Photography by: Carla Francis Check out these top spots to stay if travelling with your furry (or feathered) BFF along the coastal route from Sydney to Palm Cove If you're anything like me, then leaving your furry friends behind is not an option when you travel.

Love Japan Magazine
An Insider's Guide to Gero: Japan's Frog City

Today on the blog we present to you.... an insider's guide to the quaint Japanese frog city of Gero, by published author and Japan Times contributor Carla Francis. Gero is translated into English as 'ribbit ribbit' (the sound a frog makes) and this quirky town isn't short on frog themed landmarks.

The Japan Times
A Spiritual High in the Mountains

Isolated from the pulsating sounds of pachinko parlours and the neon lights of Japan’s urban scrums, the small, laid-back city of Takayama in the Japanese Alps offers something the country isn't so renowned for: quiet.

Camper Trailer Australia, Bauer Media
Staying Together

Touring with your best mate.

Urban Animal
A Well Travelled Cat

Moving pets abroad, has long been considered an expensive undertaking.