Nicholle Cardinal

Copywriter/Content Producer

Location icon United States of America

Originally from Clarkston, MI, I am a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where I studied Communications and Spanish.

I have a passion for writing and am fascinated by how written word can be used to reach people in different ways. As such, I am pursuing a career in marketing and advertising as an outlet for my creative talents. I enjoy the challenge of adopting the values and voices of different companies in my writing in order to create persuasive content.


Ingenex Digital Marketing - 2015

Blog: The Rules of Bragging Rights

What's the only thing better than beating your rival team? It's pretty simple - bragging rights. When your team is doing awesome, chances are you're going to want to brag about it a bit. And why not? There are times and places where it's perfectly acceptable to boast about your teams' accomplishments.

Ingenex Digital Marketing
Understanding Your Social Media Audience: Keys to Success

When using social media for paid advertising you have the options of filtering your audience by location, age, gender, industry, occupation, interests, etc. The options may seem overwhelming, but the more specific your target audience is, the more valuable your campaign feedback will be.

Go Commando Brand Blog
Best Place to Send Your Campus Reps - Brand Blog

Choosing the best place to send your campus reps will really depend on the college you are targeting and what it is that your company is trying to promote. While we can't give you the ins and outs of every campus, here's a general run-down of some of the most popular places that campus reps can make an impact.

Blog: WiFi In Stadiums: Fact or Fiction

Providing a reliable WiFi connection to thousands of your adoring fans can be challenging, but more and more spectators are expecting a fully connected experience when they attend sporting events. Many teams and sporting organizations have already recognized the benefits that high-density WiFi systems and a connected fan experience can bring to their brand, and have started adopting WiFi systems in their venues.

TITLE Boxing Club
Blog: Starting a Franchise 101

Franchising can seem like a difficult business to break into. Wondering where to start? Here are a few steps to help you explore a future franchising venture: Consider your options. What do you want to sell or provide? Franchise options span a vast number of industries like food, education, and athletics.

Freelance - 2015

Blog: Relaxation in the Elqui Valley

Sometimes travel can be fast-paced and wearing, but other times it's best to take things slow and marvel at the simplicities that life has to offer. This past September I was working with a company based out of La Serena, Chile.

Evoluzion - 2014

Union AdWorks - 2014

Scott Shuptrine Interiors
Robin Bruce

As part of the Rowe family of brands, Robin Bruce follows the EcoRowe initiative and is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes and sustainable product development. Their furniture contains eco-wood and eco-cushions made of plant-based, renewable materials.

Scott Shuptrine Interiors
Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture

As the vision of English furniture designer, Jonathan Sowter, Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture excels at the art of fine antique reproduction. Their passionate and meticulous attention to detail is what sets this brand apart, ensuring quality craftsmanship.

Scott Shuptrine Interiors

Nuevo represents the epitome of classic modern furniture, adding funky retro design to functional pieces for home or office. This exciting reproduction line evokes its mid-century contemporaries with a never dated style that has never been considered more now than in today's most trendy spaces. Nuevo offers a large selection of modern and contemporary living room furniture, including sofas and loveseats, accent chairs, benches and coffee tables. Rejuvenate any room with a Nuevo statement...

Scott Shuptrine Interiors

An icon in the home fashion industry, John-Richard designs are inspired by the world and created with passion. From tucked-away bistros to exotic cityscapes, each piece elicits a sense of emotion and sincerity that can only be born from nature and global cultures.

Magna International - 2013