Caranissa Djatmiko

Writer and Editor


A Jakarta-based writer who recently completed her MA in Cultural and Creative Industries at King's College London, UK. Former Editorial Assistant for Indonesian Expat (2015 - 2017). An occasional dancer and a full-time overthinker.


Arts and Culture

Indonesia Expat
The Role of Contemporary Art Museums in Society

With the recent opening of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Jakarta, its Director Aaron Seeto reflects on the expanded role of major art institutions in society and addresses the importance for Indonesian museums to have a strong and internationally standardized infrastructure.

Indonesia Expat
The Voices of Young Photographers in Indonesia

Reza Riwandi, Satrio Ramadhan and Dian Rockmad Bayutirto (better known as Bayu), share similar stories. Individually, they share a keen eye for capturing beautiful moments. Collectively, they are pure visionaries with thousands of Instagram followers.

Indonesia Expat
Why Indonesia Should Support its Arts and Culture Sector

As we see a growing interest in arts and culture in Indonesia, creative institutions are now working harder to come up with programmes and activities to support these things. But don't expect the government to get too involved just yet.

Manual Jakarta
UK/ID Festival 2017

In the world of arts and cultural festivals, there seems to be a growing trend in combining young people with innovative projects and a mission to make a difference. At least, that was what British Council seemingly tried to capture in this year's UK/ID Festival.

Manual Jakarta
Jakarta Biennale 2017: JIWA

Exploring the complex and ever-changing nature of Indonesian art, Jakarta Biennale 2017 offers a platform for local and international artists to engage and discuss the identity of arts and culture in the archipelago.

Manual Jakarta
ICAD 2017: MURNI? - Manual Jakarta

The eighth annual contemporary art exhibition Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) is back to offer visitors alternative ways of seeing the world around them over at grandkemang Hotel.


Indonesia Expat
Lovepink: Fighting Breast Cancer Together

Lovepink is a breast cancer community supporting 'warriors' and 'survivors' in their battle. Through campaigns such as breast self-examinations (SADARI), Lovepink strives to raise awareness of breast cancer until Indonesia is free from the disease.

Indonesia Expat
Usaha KecilKU: Empowering Stay-at-Home Mothers

Choosing between going back to work and looking after the family is a tough decision for mothers, but there are many in Indonesia who unfortunately just do not have this choice. Recently, the sustainable programme Usaha KecilKU (UKKU) was established to help underprivileged stay-at-home mums become real entrepreneurs.