Nikyra Capson


Location icon United States of America

Hello, I’m Nikyra Capson. I’m working towards a BA in Advertising and BFA in Fine Art with a minor in English from Idaho State University. Once finished, I hope to continue on and get a MFA in Fine Art.

I’ve always been more artistic minded and enjoy doing graphic as well as traditional artwork. Watercolor and oils are my favorite mediums. I could spend all day doodling and drawing cartoons, and I won’t consider it as a day wasted.

I was born in Blackfoot, Idaho and raised just outside of the city in Moreland. I have two brothers and five sisters, so there was never a moment of silence growing up. Three of my sisters and one brother are married, and between them, I have three nephews and eight nieces, so the noise levels aren't going down any time soon.

Nikyra Capson Project 6

Strategies to Increased Idaho State University's Freshman Retention and Graduation Rates ISU in 2013: 62%.National Average in 2013: 70%. Freshman Retention and Graduation Rates Data ISU in 2013: 32% 11% graduated on time 21% graduated eventually National Average in 2013: 49%.